A massive controversy has surfaced since the video of Shah Rukh Khan
attending melody queen Lata Mangeshkar ji’s funeral at Shivaji Park in Mumbai. The video shows Shah Rukh doing some kind of Islamic prayer gesture and then removing the mask and “doing some facial movement” which seems to be spitting over the mortal remains of Lata Mangeshkar.

However, the same media gang, blindfolded fans of Shah Rukh Khan,
and “fact-checkers” shielded Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan who is accused of carrying a commercial quantity of drugs. Apparently, the same gang jumped in defense of Shah Rukh Khan again by concluding “Shah Rukh Khan did not spit, but being a religious Muslim he read a
dua and blew the air after that” which is a common Islamic

Let us take these claims for their face value. But the
question is what was the need of doing so? knowing that Lata Ji was
a devout Hindu.

Several Muslim Bollywood personalities’ funerals had been attended
by many well-known religious Hindu people. How many of them had
used Tulsi leaves, Gangajal, or recited shlokas used during
Antyeṣṭi. Then why be so insensitive and push your own religious
practice in a place where it is irrelevant? Can it be called
“being religious” or disregarding and disrespecting others’
religious belief or being simply insensitive?

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