The ‘Direct Action Day’ on 16th Aug, 1946 was a dark chapter in Indian history. Hindus had endured yet another religions fury, the fanaticism of the highest vile, an organised massacre under state patronage.

Jinnah realised that he cannot become the 1st PM of an independent India & shifted his focus on the demand of a separate Muslim state. Saying good-bye to any form of Constitutional possibility, the Muslim League gave a call to Muslims to observe 16th Aug 1946 as #DirectActionDay. In reality, Direct Action Day was a call for the violent jihad against Hindus.

It was unleashed by the Muslim League in all big cities and towns. In this article we will focus on the events that took place in Calcutta. The stage for the gruesome #CalcuttaKillings was set under the leadership of Bengal premier, H. S. Suhravady. He was also holding Home Ministry and used its influence to immensely help rioters from his community. He is not called “The Butcher of Bengal” without any reasons.

Sequence of events:

  1. Public holiday was declared in Bengal on 16th Aug
  2. Notorious Muslims hoodlums in & around Calcutta were mobilised and supplied with fire-arms & other deadly weapons
  3. Despite serious shortage of petrol, ration coupons were freely issued to the rioters
  4. Hindu officers in 22 out of 24 police headquarters were replaced by Muslim officers
  5. On the morning of 16th Aug, 1946 the League organised a dreaded mammoth march with cries of ‘Ladhke Lenge Hindustan’
  6. At the meeting, resided by Suhrawardy, the speaker after speaker swore death and destruction of Hindus
  7. Large scale plundering of Hindu houses, arson, killings, conversions and molestation and abduction of Hindu women took place under full state patronage
  8. Mullahs and Maulvis accompanied Muslim thugs to carry out ‘religious rites’ of conversion
  9. The mayor of Calcutta, Sheriff Khan, personally guided goon gangs of Howrah for the attacks on Hindus
  10. Whoever was caught indulging in a criminal act of rioting was immediately set free on the order of Suhrawardy who was sitting right there in the police control room managing this whole terror plot.
  11. The English Governor F. Burrows chose to ‘seeing no evil’, and ‘hearing no evil’

The scale of ensuing events was reminiscent of the bygone days of barbaric Islamic invasions. The orgy continued without any hindrance for a full 3 days. The cries of Hindus fall on deaf ears – state administration was orchestrating this riot so any help from police or govt was impossible. The Hindus realised that their fate would be sealed unless they struck hard in self-defence.

Hindus became fully roused & tide was turned with an equal fury against the rioters. The ruffian army of the League, abetted by the govt & police, did not succeed in browbeating the Hindus.

The ‘meek Hindu’ had displayed his traditional valour & put the League’s forces to rout. The Governor, seeing the Muslims at receiving end, now felt the ‘call of duty’ & called the army to quell the riots. But this unfortunate riot by the League,

  1. costed 10,000+ lives
  2. serious injuries to 15,000+
  3. rendered 100,000+ people penniless, family-less & homeless

We can draw parallel to many other riots that took place after this.

The common theme remains the same
?Religious fanaticism
?Kafir hatred
?Storage of weapons
?Unprovoked violence
?Rapes & conversions
?No respect for the law
?Treachery against nation

  • unprepared enemy

The protection of Hindu Sanskriti & Society is our Dharma (Duty). Our national identity & well-being also depend on it. Let us stop ‘remain unprepared‘. We must supplement Hindu valour with strategic planning & action. Join Hindu organisation(s) around you – work for them & strengthen them.

United, organised & Dharmic Hindu society is the answer to the issues we’re facing today, be it RULLS (random, unceasing, low level, scattered violence), riots, LJ, conversions, etc.

धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः।

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