We know that immediately before his assassination, Gandhiji had proposed the Congress to remain a social organization and control politics. But on seeing that many leaders are scrambling to get alluring posts in Govt., he had proposed to disband the Congress.

He was soon assassinated, and with his last breath the demand of disbanding the Congress vanished.

Let me give a theory why he wanted to disband the Congress.

  1. Congress had really been a nationalist institution till Independence. It would have remained so. But democracy was murdered in Congress. How? Jawaharlal Nehru became the PM, in spite of Sardar Patel getting 12 (out of 15 votes). Nehru got ZERO.
  2. There are many theories as why Gandhiji succumbed to pressure from Nehru. Let me put my own. During the independence, the cold war had already started. IT was a trend among USSR and the West to partition countries and bring half of them to their own spheres of influence. Germany, Vietnam and Korea are few examples. Had Nehru (who promoted Soviet interests) not been at the top position, USSR would have even made attempts divide India as was the case in Korea. Hence, Gandhiji (with great unhappiness) succumbed to Nehru. He even said Patel that “Nehru has become very power hungry” as per a book written by Pyarelal – his personal assistant.
  3. It is a wide perception that Nehru propounded the British interests, I however disagree. He propounded Communist (Soviet Union’s and China’s) interests in India. For e.g. he followed a communist style of economy, he established deep relations with USSR, moved away from US/UK, helped strengthen China and also the communists. The 2 Gandhi/Nehru family members who made China strong were first Nehru second Sonia. Please refer my article here and here .
  4. China is what it is today is due to Nehru and his progenies. Had they not been in power, China and Russia would have been much weak.
  5. And due to its help in Bangladesh war, Russia captured the entire Arms industry of India (there by extracting its pound of flesh).
  6. Gandhiji knew very well that the Congress under leadership of Nehru (and his family) wont promote the interests of India. They are going to promote interests of Russia, China and communists (in general) to cement their hold on power.

This is an alternate theory I propose as why Gandhiji wanted to disband Congress.

He was assasinated immediately thereafter. Attempts on his life were made twice before, but he was provided no security in spite of that.

Though RSS was blamed for this death, the biggest benefactor from Gandhiji’s death was Nehru (and the dynasty).

And what happened thereafter?

  1. Nehru promoted China’s interests over India. He created Kashmir problem to enable China get access to Arabian sea through Pakistan and India lost access to Afghanistan and Central Asia.
  2. Indira Gandhi promoted Soviet interests and let communists capture the industry and education.
  3. Sonia promoted Chinese interests by letting China greatly capture Indian market and become strong in Indian Ocean.

It is high time to bring the truth out – and let skeletons tumble.

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