In any police investigation, the police first suspects the beneficiary of the crime, bigger the beneficiary, higher are the chances for him to have committed the crime.

Who loses the most is least suspected.

After India got independence, Gandhiji wanted to either make Congress a non-political organization (who won’t take part in politics BUT influence politics) OR disband the Congress altogether.

Both these ideas were harming the interests of such leaders in Congress who wanted to enjoy power, and even go to the extent of aligning with China, Russia and Communists and promoting their interests to stay in power. I feel, this could have been the primary reason why Gandhiji was killed.

Attempt on his life was made twice before, but he wasn’t provided any security. And finally the inevitable happened, he was assasinated.

Who gained the most of the assassination?

  1. Nehru became the undisputed leader of Congress. Though Sardar was a contender, he was already old and he expired as early as in 1950.
  2. Nehru established strong relations with Communist Russia and himself became a profounder of a communist style economy of India.
  3. Gandhiji was no fan of communism. His presence would have never let India enter the Communist sphere of influence.
  4. Indira Gandhi openly promoted Communist Russia’s interests by making Indian Industry(through militant trade unions) and Arms market controlled by Russian Communist Party. Even now, majority of India’s arms are imported from Russia.
  5. Nehru helped China become strong by letting China capture Tibet and Xinxiang province, giving China diplomatic recognition, helping China become a member UN Security Council and not capturing the whole of Kashmir (there by enabling China access Arabian sea through Pakistan).
  6. Sonia strengthened China by letting it capture Indian manufacturing market and its Navy enter the Indian Ocean Region.
  7. Nehru put the blame of the assassination on RSS, thereby destroying the image of RSS. Clear example of “Killing two birds in one stone”.

And who lost the most?

  1. RSS was banned for time being.
  2. All the Hindutva groups were defamed at an international level.

We must apply the same theory here – “The person/group/lobby who gained the most from Gandhiji’s death killed Gandhiji

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