The TMC leaders and Mamata Banerjee’s government is not only silencing political opponents in West Bengal by letting loose their party criminals on BJP workers and voters who did not vote for the TMC unleashing a retributive terror since 2nd May, they are also intimidating the Judges of the Calcutta High Court for giving orders against the TMC for the utter lawless brutal post-poll violence in West Bengal and the Narada Scam case.

In a latest development, the Chairman of the Bar Council of West Bengal who is also a TMC MLA, Ashok Kumar Deb tries to intimidate the Calcutta High Court judges for not giving favourable orders to the TMC mired in scams and political violence by demanding the removal of acting Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court, Justice Rajesh Bindal.

TMC MLA, Advocate Ashok Kumar Deb as pointed by senior journalist, Utkarsh Anand of the Hindustan Times, wrote a letter to the Chief Justice of India, NV Ramana on the letter head of the Bar Council of West Bengal, but he wrote the letter on behalf of Bar Association members and not the Bar Council.


The letter consists a slew of accusations made more as a TMC MLA than as a Bar Council head, as the accusations are purely political in nature. Mamata Banerjee and the TMC party had earlier last week made accusations against Justice Kausik Chanda and demanded that he recuses himself from hearing Mamata’s election petition against her defeat at the hands of BJP’s Leader of the Opposition, Suvendu Adhikari from Nandigram seat.

As Justice Kausik Chanda had asked for the personal appearance of Mamata Banerjee in the hearing of the election petition, Mamata’s counsel and the TMC started calumnious and slanderous accusations against him calling him a BJP man.

Similarly, with the orders of the Calcutta High Court in the Bengal Violence case filed by victims accusing TMC workers of – murder, arson, rape, loot and mass scale post-poll violence going against the TMC government, it has now decided to train its gun against the acting Chief Justice himself by accusing him of bias in favour of BJP.

The grouse of the TMC MLA demanding the ouster of the acting Chief Justice, stems from the ire against the Bench headed by Justice Bindal hearing the Narada case which stayed the bail given to TMC heavy weights by the CBI Special Court and allowing filing of affidavits by the CBI detailing the gross intimidatory tactics employed by Mamata Banerjee storming CBI office in Kolkata and sitting on Dharna with senior minister Moloy Ghatak opposing arrest of her partymen in Narada Sting Operation case.

The CBI had also detailed in the affidavit how Mamata Banerjee obstructed legal process by egging on her partymen to lay siege at the CBI office and the court premises till bail was granted to the TMC leaders by the CBI Special Court. The TMC workers had even pelted stones at the CBI office. The CBI had therefore sought transfer of the case from the CBI Special Court to the High Court. The TMC alleges that the bench headed by the acting Chief Justice did not allow any counters to be filed by the TMC government on the aggressive conduct of Mamata Banerjee and her Ministers on the matter.

The TMC MLA also accuses the acting Chief Justice of High Court to allot the election petition of Mamata Banerjee to Justice Kausik Chanda and not to Justice Sabyasachi Bhattacharya.

The TMC MLA, Ashok Kumar Deb here seems to want to choose a favourable forum like his political boss, Mamta Banerjee to get favourable judgement and is therefore making baseless accusations of bias and impartiality without any credible proof.

The reasons the TMC MLA gives in his letter for citing bias is the specious argument that there are pictures of acting Chief Justice, Rajesh Bindal with the West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankar circulating in the social media! The TMC MLA, Ashok Kumar Deb, alludes the acting Chief Justice, Rajesh Bindal of ‘doing the bidding of the Governor at Calcutta High Court’.

Ashok Kumar Deb accuses Justice Kausik Chanda to be associated with the BJP because Justice Chanda represented the BJP as a counsel several years ago before he became a Judge. It is a spurious argument to hold Judges as biased because of their professional duties as a lawyer before they became a Judge.

If the same argument is to be used for other judges, then more than 90 % of the judges of the High Court and Supreme Court since independence would have either represented the Congress as a counsel or been a government law officer in Congress governments, so should we say hat the entire judiciary is biased towards the Congress?

The latest gimmick by the TMC MLA, Ashok Kumar Deb to seek removal of the acting Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court is nothing but naked intimidation tactics warning the judiciary of slander and insult for extorting a favourable judgement from them in cases against TMC and Mamata Banerjee specially in the election petition case and Bengal Violence case. So, Mamata & TMC are warning the judiciary, ‘Its My Way or the Highway’

Image sourced from: ANI.

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