I was searching to purchase at least small Fuljhadies, which sparkle and make light, for the Diwali celebration. All the shopkeepers were replying that it is banned by the Delhi Government Sir!  You won’t found a single Fuljhadi today in the market. However, the whole market was full of Chinese electronic lights. What kind of vocal for local are we practicing when the local firecrackers are banned, and Chinese lights are full on sale? All the local small shopkeepers who had stocked the crackers for the Diwali sales are facing huge losses due to the sudden firecrackers ban by the state governments and the so-called Green Tribunal of the country.

The question arises, why only on the Hindu festivals the Green Tribunal wakes up and issues various bans in the name of environmental protection. They don’t ban the five times loudspeaker, noise pollution spreading Namaj. They do not ban the crackers on the new year celebration. They do not ban the crackers at the Christmas celebration. But, when it came to Diwali, a Hindu festival, they have banned the crackers. They do not ban even the animal slaughtering festival of one of the most environmental destroying religion on earth. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the most hypocritic institution of the world; the NGT of India.

All this blatantly indicate their malignant intentions against Hinduism. Despite the strong data-backed suggestions that the crackers cause significantly less pollution even than the animal slaughtering festivals, crackers have been banned in India by various state governments and central government institutions. So, what are the measures that Hindus can take to avoid such a direct attack on the Hindu rituals and festivals for decades after independence?

When the policemen who implement the order on the ground are Hindu, they can disobey the state government orders, which directly attack Hinduism. When the politicians who are there in the government and the opposition are Hindu, they can oppose collectively any such bans harming the Hindu rituals, festivals, and traditions. When the NGT has Hindu officers, don’t they feel that their religion is under attack in the name of the environment? They should also strongly register their protests when higher officials issue any such sweeping bans, a direct attack on Hinduism. 

All the social activists, law practitioners, judges, politicians, student unions, local politicians, civic bodies, who understand the value of freedom, please come forward. Let us unite. It is now or never. Let us fight this battle of bans on Hinduism by crooks. Let us rebel against any such order may be issued next. I have heard that they have banned Chhat Puja in Delhi and Bengal. I have seen no protests been registered by the BJP as well. Keep this noted and fight this battle by Uniting and rebelling against any such orders. Let us fight and win this battle of bans and perceptions.

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