S Senthilkumar, a Lok Sabha MP from Tamil Nadu government from DMK political party objected to the bhumi pujan which was done by Hindu pujari.When the MP arrived in his home district, he asked a representative of the government if he was aware that a government function should not be arranged in such a way that just one religion’s prayers were included one religion’s prayers . He asked “Sir, Do you have orders that government functions should not be held in this manner, or not,” he inquired. Are you conscious or not?” Even sharing the incident’s video on Twitter was done by him.


S Senthilkumar also attacked the Hindu priest who came to the event dressed in saffron robes. The MP pointed at the Hindu priest and questioned the official, “What is this? The other religions are absent. Where are the Muslims and Christians? Invite the Imam, the Church father, the atheists, and the Dravidar Kazhagam (representatives), as well as individuals who do not profess any religion. The MP also urged those in authority to “clean” everything, perhaps in reference to getting ready for the Hindu priest to perform Bhoomi Puja by himself. The occasion marked the official groundbreaking of a road project in the Dharmapuri District of Tamil Nadu.



Senthilkumar was harshly criticised by Narayanan Thirupathy, the vice president of the Tamil Nadu BJP, who further questioned if the MP would have acted the same way if the official had been Muslim and had given prayers in accordance with Islamic norms. According to him, pujas are conducted for the welfare of the staff members, not for the profit of the government. Senthilkumar should apologise to the public for disrespecting people’s beliefs, he continued, calling his actions “childish.”




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