Government Rejects Mehbooba Mufti’s Application For Issuance Of Passport

In a move to curb inflammatory and provocative anti-India activities of ex-Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, the Government of India’s passport office denied to renew her passport citing adverse report by Jammu & Kashmir’s CID.

The Jammu and Kashmir Police opposed the renewal of Mehbooba Mufti and gave an adverse report for passport verification, following which the passport officer in Srinagar informed its decision to reject the application for renewal through a letter.

The letter reads, “Whereas the passport verification report received from the Additional director General of the Police, J&K CID does not favour issuance of passport and has returned as NOT RECOMMENDED PASSPORT CASE”.

Mehbooba Mufti tried to raise hue and cry over the rejection of her passport application citing national security reasons by tweeting about in the social media on 29th March. In a tweet she said, “Passport Office refused to issue my passport based on CID’s report citing it as ‘detrimental to the security of India. This is the level of normalcy achieved in Kashmir since August 2019 that an ex-Chief Minister holding a passport is a threat to the sovereignty of a mighty nation.”

Mufti wanted to dramatize rejection of passport to her on social media to garner sympathy for herself and create a narrative of an oppressive and unreasonable state denying her international travel rights. She is known to have connections with various Islamist fundamentalist organisations. In fact in intelligence agencies circles her lnks to Hizbul Mujahideen is quite well known. In fact a recent NIA report suggested that she knew the arrested Hinzbul terrorist Naveed Babu quite well, she had even reportedly personally spoken to him once.

Mehbooba in her tweet also put out the letter sent to her by the Passport Office, Srinagar. The letter mentioned that her passport request was denied based on the Passport Verification Report (PVR) received from the Additional Director General of Police, Jammu and Kashmir CID. The J&K CID did not favour issuance of passport and returned it as, “Not Recommended Passport Case”.

The passport was denied under Section 6 (2) (c) which states that the passport authority shall refuse to make the endorsement for any visiting country if the departure of the applicant from India may, or is likely to, be detrimental to the security of India.

Jammu & Kashmir High Court Dismisses Mehbooba’s Plea To Direct Government To Expeditiously Issue Her Passport

Mehbooba Mufti’s twitter rantings were aimed at creating a narrative in Indian and international media to put pressure on the Government of India to back track its decision to reject her application for passport.

She very cleverly suppresses the fact that even the Jammu and Kashmir High Court rejected her plea to direct the government to expeditiously grant her a fresh passport.

The High Court refused to intervene in the matter. The court in fact pointed out that passport cannot be granted as a matter of absolute right.

Judge Ali Mohammad Magrey stated that, “I am of the considered view that no direction can be issued by this court for issuance of passport in favour of the petitioner. The scope of this court in thee matter is very limited.”

Notably, Mehbooba’s passport had reportedly expired in May 2019 and she applied for a fresh passport on 11th December 2020. In February 2021, Mehbooba moved the High court when there was no decision on her application. Mehbooba’s mother’s application for renewal of passport was also rejected on the same grounds by the government. The Jammu & Kashmir High Court refused to intervene in her passport case too.

The central government should in fact try Mehbooba for inciting disaffection from the State and government as her speeches and activities were extremely incendiary during and after the run up to neutralization of the controversial Article 370 of the Constitution of India. In July 2019, she made statements like whoever tries to scrap or supports scrapping Article 35 A of the Constitution Of India, they will be burnt alive. She said, “Meddling with Article 35 A is like touching ammunitions, people who are trying to touch Article 35 A will not only burn their hand but their entire body will be burned.”

Other than these statements she has also aided many jihadi extremist organisations to occupy illegally public land in Jammu. She avidly aided as Chief Minister of J&K, Land Jihad and Demographic Jihad in Jammu to change the character of Jammu and make it conducive for another genocide of Hindus like Kashmir so that the entire region of Jammu and Kashmir becomes a virtual Islamic zone helping Pakistan’s design of breaking away J&K from India.

So, government’s decision to deny her issuance of fresh passport in order to curb her from playing further mischief by collaborating with international forces inimical to India’s interest is welcome.

News Input: The Hindu, Republicworld, Opindia, IndiaTV News.

Image sourced from: Opindia


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