Corona virus had a long lasting effect on children’s mind. Their mind has become dull in the period of lockdown— by staying at home they become mentally sick and their mind interpret things which are not actually real.

Child doctor Gokul Bora who has been working in his field for past 45 years says that the children are at fear due to lockdown. Moreover due to lockdown children are engaged in mobile phones which results in addiction towards social media YouTube etc. It harms children the most as they are very tender to handle their emotions. They do what they see. Some small children play the games which show violence.

Dr Bora also states that he has noticed many children who hide many things from their parents. In every case it has been a problem for children. For example: many a times children of age 13 to 14 years play the game which are really meant for adults. This things they hide from their parents. Most problems arise from the mobile phone itself.

In lockdown many children are suffering from mental trauma which gets exhibited as the children due to lockdown couldn’t go to school, couldn’t play, couldn’t go outside and play with their friends. As a result, after lockdown also they imagine something which is not real. For example: Their mind imagine something like paranormal entitiesghosts and most common problem among children is fear to go to bathroom at night. This happens when children see horror movie before bedtime.

Conclusion: There is nothing serious in it. The only solution is the parents should take their wards outside with little protection and make them feel better. Moreover the children also should tell everything which they hide from their parents. There is nothing to worry as nothing is permanent. One day the corona virus problem will disappear from the Earth. God is there to make everything alright.

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