Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmaniam Jaishankar is expected to visit Athens, according to Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias who made the announcement during his visit to the United Arab Emirates.

Referring to the discussions he had with the Emirati Foreign Minister, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, he mentioned “the forthcoming visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of India to Athens.”

Dendias said that Jaishankar’s upcoming visit to Athens is “something which is of special importance both for us and for the United Arab Emirates.”

The Greek Foreign Minister did not reveal exactly when Jaishankar is expected to arrive in Athens.

It is worth noting that the Greek-Indian rapprochement is not just coincidental and is part of Greece’s strategy of neutralising the common threat from Turkey that both countries are facing.

Turkey supports all of Pakistan’s claims against India, including the sovereignty of Jammu and Kashmir.

Athens’ goal is to build a strategic relationship with India that will be a shield against Turkey’s alliance with Pakistan.

Pakistan too has been weighing in on provocations against Greece and Cyprus, often conducting joint military exercises in the Eastern Mediterranean with Turkey and violating Greek airspace.

Details of Jaishankar’s visit will be announced in the near future.

It is recalled that the General Director of Civil Defense and International Relations, Dr. Konstantinos Balomenos, received on May 25 the Defense Attaché of the Indian Embassy in Prague, Colonel Anupam Ashish.

The meeting was part of boosting bilateral defence relations between Athens and New Delhi and talks revolved around further cooperation in military training.

Exercises and operational training at bilateral and multilateral level, military academic training and dealing with hybrid threats were discussed between the pair.

The two officials also discussed the mutual security and stability challenges facing each country.


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