The mainstream media and human rights activists are absolutely blind to the ongoing genocide in Bengal since May 2nd and are shutting their eyes to the pictures and videos of unspeakable bloodshed and mayhem unleashed by TMC criminals and Islamists. The few journalists who dare to cover the murder, arson and violence perpetrated by the ruling party cadre aided by Islamists, they are beaten up, given death threats and perhaps even killed if not timely rescued.

Journalist Sandeep Basu was brutally attacked by assailants when went to cover the attack by mob of Islamists on Hindus and Hindu Temple in Tijala, Kolkata. He suffered serious injuries in his right eye, with blood clots in the eyeball. He says he was attacked so severely that he might have ended up dead had he not been rescued. He was attacked for taking pictures and covering the riotous attack in Tijala.

Senior BJP MLA and opposition leader, Suvendu Adhikari, tweeted, “Journalist Sanjeeb Basu was following up on a reliable lead that Hindus were being targeted today at Tijala area in Kolkata. The atrocities were not limited to people and properties, even Hindu temples were attacked.

He further stated, “While covering the news journalist Sanjeeb Basu was brutally attacked. I strongly condemn this incident which is an onslaught on people for exercising their democratic rights and attacks (sic) free journalistic liberties”.

He further stated that the attack on journalist Sanjeeb Basu for doing his job, shows how Trinamool has repeatedly killed democracy in Bengal.

A video on the attack on Hindus in Tijala shows that Muslim mob from nearby Tijala Masjid Bari Lane attacked Hindus of Hazari Gali. Not only did the Muslim mob attack with stones and sticks the Hindus and destroyed their properties, they also vandalised and desecrated a Hindu Temple in the locality. A Hindu Temple of the Tijala Baalak Samiti was attacked, a Shani Mandir just outside the Hazari Gali was broken and vandalised. The idol of the deity was brought out and kicked by the Islamist terrorists. The Muslim mob from the Tijala Masjid Bari Lane attacked the Hindu residents and the temples in Hazari Gali.

The Kolkata Police which arrived much later did not arrest the Islamist Muslim attackers and instead arrested a Hindu woman named Priya Das, perhaps for filming the attack on Temple by the Islamists. Priya Das was targeted by Kolkata Police as she provided evidence of the murderous frenzied attack by the Muslim mob, which the Trinamool government headed by Mamata Banerjee wants to completely bury.

The Hindus at Lohapool area near Gurudwara of Park Circus and Hazari Gali Shiv Tala of Tijala are fearing more attacks by the Muslim mobs. Thousands of Muslims are allegedly waiting on the of the nearby Railway line and preparing for further attacks.

The police and administration, instead of coming to the aid of victims and protecting the targeted citizens are hounding the victims and harassing them. The police is not only refusing to file the complaints of the victims they are also instead arresting and filing cases on the beleaguered victims of Islamist violence and genocide under the garb of political violence in Bengal.

Bengal is burning and a genocide in Bengal of Hindus is underway in large scale since May 2nd reminding one of the scale and proportion of communal violence in Bengal during partition.

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