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On October 15, 2021, Hindus, all over the world,  will celebrate Dussehra and in 20 days after that they will celebrate Deepawali. Dussehra is held to celebrate victory of Prabhu Ram Chandra over Ravan, and Deepawali is held to celebrate arrival of Prabhu Ram Chandra back to Ayodhya after living 14 years in forest and killing many evil doers (Rakshasa) including Ravan.

Lesson from Prabhu Ram Chandra’s Life:

Those who don’t know Prabhu Ram  Chandra’s life may read Ramayana by Valmiki or Ram Charitmanas by Tulsidas or watch a serial ‘Ramayan’ made by Ramanand Sagar. To bring out only one most relevant aspect of his life in the context of Dussehra, Prabhu  Ram was sent to live in forests for 14 years. When he went to live in forest, he still carried with him his weapon for private defense. When he was to fight with evil doers including Ravan, he didn’t ask or wait for support from his father’s kingdom in Ayodhya. He fought on his own with his weapon. Lesson from Prabhu Ram Chandra’s life, inter alia,  is always equip yourself with a suitable weapon for private defense.

Hindu Genocide

When you think of Hindus, they have a history of thousands of years. The culture and philosophy of Hindus also known as Hinduism is the oldest continuing civilization of the world. But Hindus have faced bigger genocide than any other in the human history. Interestingly, that has been over the last 1000 years.

The difference between the murderer and the murdered has been essentially the weapon? Without exception, in human history, winner has been one who was better equipped and had better fire power.

During the last 2000 years, due to the rise of competitive religions and political ideologies and structures, the ancient structure of justice and security of common people have simply eroded. Ethics are more for text books and morality is for dictionary. ‘Neither accepted nor denied’ with payment of fine is now an acceptable norm of justice.

Let’s accept, no police or military can provide 24×7 security for each individual. The right to keep weapon for private defense has therefore been appreciated all over the world. The ancient Hindu culture required everyone to be trained in Shaastra (books) and Shastra (Weapons) Hindus in the name of ‘Ahimsa Parmo dharma’ meaning non- violence is the biggest virtue, have even forgotten keeping weapon for private defense. That is possibly the costliest mistake Hindus have been making and responsible for their unending genocide. You may like to do some fresh thinking on Dussehra and Deepawali in 2021.

Happy Dussehra and Deepawali!

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