We can find many “sickulars” in our country who may try tooth and nail to defend the installment of loudspeakers at mosques. For them crackers lit in Diwali causes sound pollution but loudspeakers at mosques at as a therapy for hypertension and many diseases. For them crackers in Diwali causes air pollution but thousands of trees which are cut down for the Christmas celebration clears the air.

Loudspeakers at mosques are not necessary for their religion of Islam but it is forcefully being installed at each and every mosques to make the Hindus of this country realise that even if they are 20% of the total population, they they will be ruling the discourse of this vibrant country. It needs to be noted that the land of Muslims, Saudi Arabia shockingly restricts the use of loudspeakers at mosques. But still we can find people advocating the use of loudspeakers at mosques. We are noticed what happened with Sonu Nigam when he he raised his voice against the loudspeakers. He was threatened by the Islamists and the so-called seculars of this country.

Starting from the fundamental rights of the constitution the Muslim community in this country is being given free hand to crush the actual secularism. We can find Muslims offering Namaz right in the middle of the road or public property and will definitely find so called intellectuals supporting the very act. If if the citizens of this country find this act against their rights these so called intellectual or so called seculars of this country will label you as hatemongers and Islamaphobes.

It’s high time Bharat brings out a law which restricts the use of loudspeakers at mosques. It’s high time Bharat applies the true sense of secularism in this country and not the kind of “minority appeasement” defination of secularism.

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