Inspired by the Spiritual work of Great Shankara, Ramanuja and Swami Vivekananda, A group of 30 people founded Shiva Shakti Adhyatmika Chaithanya Vedika on the auspicious day of 31st August 2015.

Shiva Shakti is an organization of young people who support the tolerance and friendship of peace-loving Hindus.

It was painful to see the sacred land of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna is infested with the illegal missionary engaged in illicit conversion Business. Dubious means to lure, deceit and threaten ordinary Hindu had been going on unchecked. The tribal and weaker section of society thus became too vulnerable. The missionary school, missionary hospital gradually grew into a distasteful hub for the activity of these conversion mafia. Maligning Hindu deities, mocking at Hindu festivals and deceitfully copying Hindu tradition by these evangelists have been an ugly sight.

Yes it hurts Sanatan Sentiment.  

Unable to bear the sight of such illegal organizations and those evangelist individuals on social media, Shiva Shakti ventured into Social media activism as well. Shiva Shakti is now activ​ely pursuing Social media and digital media. It is using the platform of Youtube/ Twitter/Facebook etc. Regular updates, counters and statements were flooded through social media snippets. Short movies and promotional videos were produced, uploaded and circulated to unmask the conversion mafia. For complete information one can visit karunakar sugguna or shivashakti on youtube and watch videos.

And it is really working on the ground. Hard work and personal sacrifice of volunteers is bearing fruits and getting acknowledged everywhere.

Shiva Shakti Adhyatmika Chaithanya Vedika stands to repel any of these mafia activities on ground today. The activity of Shiva Shakti has rescued scores of poor unfortunate souls. They have been brought back into their ancestral Sanatan belief.

As part of this goal, Shiva Shakti conducts open forums in the presence of the people to inform the people about the false propaganda on the spiritual scriptures and the truth contained in all the religious scriptures and to motivate the people to trust and believe in Sanatan scripture.

Apart from these, Shiva Shakti are spreading the word about the generosity of Sanatan religion on social media and also conducting service programs during the festivals to create awareness among the devotees through pamphlets in the temples.

Shiva Shakti has also put in place a system to address the problems faced by Hinduism at the field level to carry out the above programs more extensively.

Shiva Shakti sincerely invites every Hindu to join its movement to protect and promote the Sanatan belief in the sacred land of Bharat. Any supportive contribution for this pious endeavor is service to mankind.

Let us not sacrifice our religion and our country to the heresy of heretical religions.  Come Join and contribute in the fight against illegal conversion.

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