Truth of Secularism in India

Minority and Majority should be considered by individuals or Family’s Wealth not by their Religion , Why ? The main reason is that India is a Secular Country and being a Secular country you cannot divide the Basic Rights of Indian Citizens on the basis of their Religion or caste , everyone must have equal rights .

If a person or a family is Poor than they should be considered as Minority group and then they must be provided with all help like reservation and scholarships not by just looking at their Religion , this will help poor people in India to stand on their feet and they can even pursue and follow their Dream which today , they can only dream of .

As , Congress ruled in India for more than 65 years and they’ve shown India as a Secular Country to the World , but Do every citizens have equal rights ? No

Why No ? Because Reservations ( Aarakshan ) is only given to selected religion or Caste group ( No matter if they are rich or poor , they need it or not , or if they deserve it or not , they will get it ) , There is a Muslim personal Law board , There is Sc/St Act , how is this a Secular Country when there is huge difference between Basic rights of Majority and Minority and they are divided by Religion ?

This should be end ASAP and Majority and Minority should be considered by one’s Wealth and Capabilities not by their Caste or Religion to make India Greatest of all times , otherwise Poor in india will always be poor . But , BJP government has every potential to do it .

Lets Hope for the best , leave it to them for the rest .

This is what Secular India should look like .

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