It won’t be incorrect to state that Hindus are the classic example of how a suicidal community looks like. Despite objections raised by Hindus in Hassan district, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in Karnataka on Wednesday allowed the tradition of reciting verses from the Quran at a historical Hindu religious fair to continue.

Muslim cleric Kazi Syed Sajeed Pasha recited Quranic verses in front of thousands of Hindu worshippers. Also non Hindus were allowed to set up stalls in the festival. It’s sad to see how Sanatan Dharma is being kept at the foundation of Abrahamic religions like Islam whose very premise is built on the exclusivistic view against non muslims. Its laughable how the verses filled with hate against Hindus will be recited. Verses like “There is no deity except Allah 40:62. Polytheists ie. Idol worshippers are the worst of creatures 98:6? Do not marry polytheists unless they convert 2:221?

Muslim cleric Kazi Syed Sajeed Pasha said “The recital of verses from the Quran has been a tradition for generations and it has come from my ancestors. Whatever may be the differences, Hindus and Muslims should live in a united manner and let God bless all,” , but the question lies will he allow vedic Slokas to be recited inside a mosque ?

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