Soft…not at all…Instead I would say the softest…And target because malpractices of a particular religion is highlighted every time while softly ignoring that of others. Now, we all know that every thing has its own share of good and bad, so does every religion. Manipulating facts is really condemnable. Bollywood definitely has a huge impact upon all of us. Yes, they do offer some great movies, but certain parts of few movies are definitely questionable. Viewers can definitely feel it, and I being a viewer certainly do so.

In Dabang 3 the song ‘Hud Hud Dabang’ featured scenes where sadhus and yogis were seen playing guitar and dancing like hooligans. In fact, people were made to dress up like Lord Shiva, Shri Ram in that particular song as well. I clearly don’t see any point of filming such scenes…Are these an integral part of its storyline??? No, not at all… Then from where do these so-called filmmakers come up with such ideas??? Only God knows. Would they picturise the same scenes with Kajis and Fathers? Absolutely not…because then there will be violence, protests, boycotts etc. etc. This will in turn affect TRP…Is this what you call entertainment so that you can have few bucks in your wallet?? I do not think anyone would dare picturise such scenes with priests and saints of other religions? Seriously, one needs to be responsible while filming such kinds of scenes.

Let us take a look at Mr.Perfectionist of Bollywood who feels intolerant living in Bharat varsh. In his show Satyameva Jayate, he stressed on various norms of society and religions like offering milk on Shivling, lighting diyas in temples, mundan ceremonies which makes no sense as these do not benefit mankind. And we all know that ‘Service to mankind is Service to God.’

Then what about-:

halaal ceremony of Muslim festivals where thousands of animals are killed in the name of Qurbaani.

those innumerable candles burnt in churches everyday.

triple talaq in Islam

Lets come to another fact-check. In most of the movies, the villain is seen wearing a lamba-chauda tilak or laal tika on his forehead or rudraksh mala in his hand. And it not only occurs in movies we all have seen it in daily soaps as well. I don’t find it necessary to link religious symbols with villainism(as if it is directly proportional). Seriously why? I won’t ever get this point…Never Ever…

Same goes with movie PK as well, you can see from the stills of his movie below:

Basically, his motto was to stress on the fact that:- We might be worshipping thousands of deities but we are losing it as a society because we have omitted humanity from our heart and mind and been worshipping idols in the name of God, reluctant to accept the real knowledge imparted to us through holy books.

In that case, it won’t be wrong to highlight that even Jesus or Allah is missing. Because somewhere almost whole human race has been suffering from this. And when we say human race, it not only refers to Hindus but people from other religions as well.

The image below shows Aamir Khan taking a stand for PK in interviews…

Lets be very clear. Portraying characters in films may be assigned any religion and side(either positive or negative) according to the scripts which is a necessity(again situation dependent). But showing them in offensive dance moves, obscure scenes are not reqired at all!

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