In the wake of the recent Charlie Hebdo attacks we are in the midst of a big debate between France and radical islam, however is it not right to say that this debate should be between the humans of the earth and the Islamic regime?

Muslims have stated their side of argument very clearly from the middle ages, which is a never expanding mission with only one rule, Rule of Allah.

Everyone is free to believe what they like without forcing your beliefs on others who don’t agree with you or simply belive something else. No one has the right to oppress anyone for thier personal intrest as long as it doesn’t harm you.

Any creed who says that not only that they are right in their beliefs but you should believe in what they do, that is a serious violation of everything democracy stands for.

I didn’t support burqa ban in France because it is a violation of individual choice and expression however when it comes to religious/ islamic faith schools, Catholic schools or Madarsas, who teaches how this earth is flat, it was made in 7 days or how early men were white (Adam/ Eve) ie : Quran says salt water doesn’t mix with regular water that’s why it’s pure to drink.

Quran says it’s a total solution, the word ” total solution” is itself scary in many means, understand this book was written by a savage cave men who wanted to build a clan, 1500 years ago. Life has changed much since then, they didn’t know earths solar system or anything about Evolution of humans.

Those teachings bother me. It bothers me to know that 9 year old kids are taught to behead non muslims in the name of Allah. Islam has never been a religion of logic and science, look at all the Nobel winners you will find almost everyone Jew which are a little group of people in comparison of muslims since middle ages.

I am not an advocate of Hinduism however Islam was never a religion of peace and love, we are wise enough to distinct between good and bad belief system.

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