Do you know why President Trump lost?  Because a majority of the voters were tired of four years of fuckery.  Fuckery of domestic policies. 

America has shown its democratic process—regardless of whether you, my esteemed reader, agree with the results or not.  I salute the election workers all across America regardless of background or political affiliation. They are the true heroes that supported the election process from start to finish–especially during the pandemic.

What outsiders fail to realize is that people that live in this country, care about policies that affect them directly first—namely domestic policies.  We have absolute chaos of mismanaging Covid-19 in the US; we have no stimulus for the economy which was traded for useless Supreme Court nominee that was rushed through.  The Government still cannot mandate people to wear masks—a total disgrace.  People have gotten stabbed or have been in fights when someone’s freedom is “violated” over a simple piece of fabric.

In addition, the threat to our lives as minorities as the increase in racist crimes across the US from white supremacists. It does NOT matter to a white supremacists whether the person is black or Mexican or Middle Eastern or Indian or Paki — as long as we are not white, that is all that matters to that group. If anyone still thinks white supremacists care about who is the “model minority”, please wake up. Racists have been emboldened over the last four years. I do not want my family or friends to be the next Srinivas Kuchibhotla who was killed at a bar in February 27, 2017.

Another threat is taking away rightful insurance and part of retirement which played a major part in voting decisions.  Covid-19 was declared over by the White House a few weeks back when we have over 100,00 cases PER DAY here in this country–this garbage had to be stopped. 

This list is not exclusive and for you it may be other various reasons why you voted for a certain ticket. For me, domestic policy was the driving force. 

Yes, we do care about US foreign policy that affects where we are from, including where our parents and grandparents have emigrated from.  But when our domestic situation is in dire need of being reformed, you cannot surely blame us, immigrants, to vote for someone that will probably take away Medicare (health insurance) and Social Security (think of it like a pension) from our parents and grandparents.

Immigrants are the backbone of the United States of America.  To see from a second-generation immigrant’s point of view that your parents and grandparents who moved continents to create a different life and even support family back home, and the looming threat in the next four years it would be taken away is nothing but a bleak and heart-breaking future.  This would be a drastic slap in the face of immigrants.  Majority of us would be pushed below the middle class and some even into poverty.  

In addition, education policies have been in the gutter over the last four years.  The current policies would have put our children’s future at risk.  How would the next generation even dream of becoming the next leaders in IT or medicine with children being held back and no resources provided at every step with public education?

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For anyone concerned about taxes, congratulations if you’re in the top 1% because the rest of us are not there (yet) and are ok paying taxes since it is part of being a good and law abiding citizen in this country.  In addition, I congratulate you on your wealth.  Makes me wonder if the success you enjoy here in the US had translated to you being successful in India, would you be paying the same taxes or hiding the now useless ₹1,000 Rupee note in your almari?  Taxes make things possible—the roads outside, the police services, the schools, the post offices, the clean water you drink, the sanitation system, the airports, etc. that make this country run which everyone enjoys every single day.  Taxes are a necessary evil that we all have to pay. Even though my family is not in the 1%, we paid taxes over the decades and will still pay into the future.  This is one of the facts about living in this country.

My last few paragraphs are for the dear readers of this site and elsewhere who focus on foreign policy.

For those concerned about foreign policy—make it happen with the Democrats.  You have the power for creating and sustaining that bridge for India’s foreign policy with the U.S. foreign policy–take up that responsibility and run with it.  And to be blunt, please stop mouthing rhetoric that has been out for the last four years and DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.  It did not work for Trump and what makes you think it will work for you? And for the love of God, stop making excuses about the other neighborhood country and their lobbies or their whole religion in itself.

I attended the Howdy Modi rally myself and was so proud of how far immigrants have come and are recognized in the United States. 

These suggestions may already be in play but here is what could be done — Invest in lobbies that make a solid case and are unapologetic about India’s security; Lobby in the European Union for your right to have security; Invest in think tanks in Europe and the United States (so many others are so why aren’t you?); Invest with relations with Israel to strengthen India’s security; Lobby for textbook changes in India and in textbooks over the world on how India is portrayed; Lobby in African countries (China is, what’s stopping you?); Expand your Soft Power!

You have to realize you have come so far over the decade in the world stage. Myself and others have faith you can do more and do BETTER to propel India’s security and self-interest.   

Jai Shree Ram and Jai Shree Krishna.

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