The caste politics has filled the minds of Shudras with the idea of Hinduism being a casteist religion. Patriarchy and misogyny are also the tags which thrown Hinduism. Apart from conversion the caste politics creates a deep hatred for the Brahmin community which has always been in the forefront in resisting invaders and also are the ones upon whose shoulders the base of Hinduism lies. This is the reason Islamists, Christians, Communists, Feminists, Neo Buddhists all tried and are trying their best to shatter down the Brahmin community. Dr Ambedkar and Periyar shared deep hatred towards Brahmins, Periyar even said that if anyone finds a snake and a brahmin, then he should kill Brahmin first. This is the level of hate which is filled inside Ambedkarites for Brahmins.

Sita Ram Goel too in his book Islam vis-à-vis Hindu Temples mentions how Brahmins were the first to suffer the attrocities of Islamists. In his book he wrote how invaders celebrated the butchering of Brahmins. Amir Khusru describes with great glee how the heads of Brahmans “danced from their necks and fell to the ground at their feet”, along with those of the other “infidels” whom Malik Kafur had slaughtered during the sack of the temples at Chidambaram. Firuz Shah Tughlaq got bags filled with cow’s flesh, tied them round the necks of Brahmans, and had these “mines of kufr and shirk” paraded through his army camp at Kangra. Muhmud Shah II Bahmani bestowed on himself the honour of being a ghazi by killing in cold blood the helpless Brahmana priests of the local temple after Hindu warriors had died fighting in defence of the fort at Kondapalli. The present-day progressives, leftists and dalits whose main plank is anti-Brahminism have no reason to feel innovative about their ideology. Anti-Brahminism in India is as old as the advent of Islam. Our present-day Brahmin-baiters have to be told that they are no more than the ideological descendants of the Islamic invaders.

Reference – Islam vis-à-vis Hindu Temples, Page 15 by Sita Ram Goel

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