Congress: The mother of politics and all political parties in India.

Even the founder of RSS was a Congressman through out his life.

Congress during Independence promised to follow four core principles:

  1. Nationalism: The national interest will be guiding force in all decisions.
  2. Democracy: The govt should be of the people, for the people and by the people
  3. Secularism: Separation and state and religion. And equitable treatment of all religions.
  4. Socialism: State will work for the upliftment of the masses.

There are 2 Congresses within the Congress.

One is “Maino-Vadra Congress” which espouses a radical left, Jihadi and Chinese appeasement ideology.

The other is “Indian National Congress” which espouses a nationalist ideology based on Tilak, Shashti or Patel.

That’s why the Maino-Vadra clan has split the party so many times and kicked out so many leaders from the party. Though repressed, Indian National Congress refuses to die.

That’s why the term “Pappu” did not come from BJP, it came from Congress.

After the “Fake Gandhis” these four holy principles have been blown to smithereens. How?

  1. Under grab of “Indian nationalism” the Fake Gandhis have done everything to promote the interests of Russia and China who are India’s deadliest enemies.
  2. Under grab of “Democracy” the “Fake Gandhis” have made all attempts to cement their hold on power. Remember the 39th, 42nd constitutional amendments and Emergency.  No elections are held for the Congress president.
  3. Under the grab of “Secularism” they have Talibanized the congress. Working for benefit of Muslims is nothing wrong, but “Fake Gandhis” have followed an elaborate principle of “Mullah appeasement”. And the Islamic clergy wants to keep Muslims backwards to cement their hold over the Muslim community. Remember Shah Bano.
  4.  Under the grab of Socialism, the “Fake Gandhis” have indulged in reckless Corruption and loot in the name of poor.

For details on how the the “Fake Gandhis” have distorted and destroyed the meanings of the above noble concepts refer here.

For details on how Sonia helped strengthen China, refer here.

In nutshell Congress under the fake Gandhis has broken its promise of “Nationalism”, “Secularism”, “Socialism” and “Democracy”. And this is the precise reason why Congress is going downhill.

Why Maino-Vadra Congress must die?

Answer is simple: With the death of Maino-Vadra Congress, the anti-national, Talibanic, Corrupt and Nepotistic ideology will also die.

Freed from the anti-national, Talibanic, Corrupt and Nepotistic ideology, Indian National Congress will revive committed to the “Nationalism“, “Secularism“, “Socialism” and “Democracy” ideologies and hence can revive its lost glory.

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