Even after facing the major attacks of history, the temple of Kashi Vishavanath stands with full proud, glorifying the Indian history. Like Ayodhaya, there was a time when the evidences were being demanded of the historical evidences of Kashi Vishavanath temple. Now here are these-

SHIVPURNA- A part of Shiv Puran, Koti Rudrasahita contains the description of 12 Jotirlinga, which also has the desciption of Kashi Khanda and the origin of Avimukteshawar. It also describes the importance of place and clearly states that has been spread over five Kosh. 

SCANANDPURAN- Kashi khand part of Scandhapuran briefly describes the birth of of Kashi. Describing the the importance of Kashi it says, when the whole world will be drowned, Lord Shiv will save Kashi after keeping it on the point of his Trishul.

VEDIC DESCRIPTION- Rigveda and Atharveda contains the description of Kashi, calls the place as an important center of learning, a luminous city on the bank of river important center of education for indigenous people of India.

ARCHEOLOGICAL EVIDENCES- During the excavation of Kashi Vishavanath corridor many Shivlings and demolishes of temples were found depicting the stories of Hindu ideology. The great idol of Nandi which always faces the Shivlinga is now facing the wall of the Mosque, one of the wall of Mosque has the carvings of Hindu idols, this is there when Islam prohibits the idol worship.

. Now let me give you the greatest evidence, the ASIATIC LIBRARY OF KOLKATA contains the decree of Aurangazeb, the sixth Mughal emperor ordering the demolition of Kashi Vishawanath temple. The order was given in 1696 as a part of his campain to demolish hindu temples and convert them into Mosques.

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