I saw the meltdown of the Liberal , Feminist Jamaat when the news was out that M J Akbar was going back to work . Yet again the cheap , unhinged HYPOCRISY of the so-called Feminists is out in the open . These are the same cabal that cheered when Shashi Tharoor was cleared all charges in his compliance in the murder of Sunanda Pushkar (even though we all know what happened and who was in charge ).

First of all, no FIR has been lodged against M J Akbar, so technically he is not even accused of any crime legally. Just mere statements do not constitute either a crime or accusations of a crime. He did file a defamation case against the lady who had accused him of sexual molestation (but was happily RT’s his tweets for decades after the crime ) .

Maybe she is telling the truth, maybe she is lying. We will never know. But legally she has not lodged any formal complaint against M J Akbar , so legally M J Akbar is not guilty of anything . Mere statements are worthless. Given the fact she had SO MUCH support why did she not file an FIR , I am sure some lawyer from the feminist brigade would fight her case pro bono (or maybe these feminists are all talk no action toi even waste 5 minutes in doing unpaid work ).

These so-called “I am shocked at a not even legally accused man M J Akbar , getting back to work ” cabal has no issues standing by and supporting Vinod Dua, who has been accused of Sexual molestation , and her daughter who stands by supports her father .

What happens then ?

All so-called feminists are great friends of Mallika Dua and support her and her father who has also been accused of sexual molestation. Here is teh list of so called feminsts who stand by Vinod Dua and her daughter who stands by and defends her father who is accused of sexual molestation .

So here are the WOKE, FAMOUS , LIBERAL , SECULAR , FEMINISTS , SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS, PROFESSIONAL PLACARD CARRIERS who are besties with an enabler (Mallika Dua) of a sexual molestor , hence being guilty of being an enabler by association

ZOYA AKHTAR: — Miss Akhtar is on the top of my list as she pretends to be this great justice activist , feminists , fighter of women’s rights . Sorry dear WHY ARE YOU STANDING BY MALLIKA DUA ? HYPOCRITE

Richa Chadha : Oh dear , this lady thinks she is carrying the burden of all women. She was happy when Trump was impeached, as he had made comments about “grabbing women by their p@ssy”. Just comments . He did not molest a woman. So WOKE FEMINIST was publicly celebrating his impeachment . But at the same time , she is besties , very publicly with someone who stand by and support a sexual molestor . SICK . HYPOCRITE. 

  1. Shweta Bachchan: Ditto. Friends with Mallika Dua , and openly even swinging praises on pics of her with her father . I mean , it’s disgusting. You call yourself a woman’s rights activist when you openly show love , solidarity , support for a sexual molestor and her daughter who stand by him ? Whoooaaa

Ankur Tewari : He is the music composer of Gully Boy with those amazing lyrics , “Tu nanga hi to aaya tha, kya ghata lekar jaega” . He was very active in anti CAA protests . He is besties with Mallika Dua.

  1. Shweta Tripathi
  2. Sonali Bendre : Actor
  3. Neeti Mohan : Dancer
  4. Vijay Varma: Actor
  5. Nandini Bhalla : Editor Cosmopolitan
  6. Fatima Sana Sheikh : Actor
  7. Tahira Kashyap
  8. Amaya Dastur
  9. Kusha Kapila
  10. Bhawna Somayya
  11. Archana Puran Singh
  12. Namit Das : Actor
  13. Shanoo Sharma : Casting Director Yashraj Films
  14. Nimrat Kaur : Actor
  15. Sanya Malhotra : Actor
  16. Eisha Chopra
  17. Ranbeer Brar
  18. Saransh Goila
  19. Danish Sait
  20. Badshah

When Chinna Dua died , All liberal feminists were shedding tears , feeling sorry for Vinod Dua and Mallika . Damn . SUCH HYPOCRICY . Sympathizing with a man accused of sexual molestation .

When Shahis Tharoor was cleared of all charges, all so-called feminists rejoiced. Finally Vindicated, they all screamed in unison. So M J Akbar is also cleared of all charges. SIMPLE .

M J Akbar (who may or may not be guilty ) is cleared of all charges, just like Shashi Tharoor. He is a free man . So cut the crap. Either burn bras all the time or accept the legal verdict.

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