Shahrukh khan, SRK, King Khan, or Badshah Khan are the names that used to give goosebumps to girls. Every girl wanted to have him as a lover and a husband. He does not have good looks of a conventional Bollywood hero, but his dimples, dressing sense, and silky hairs made him stand out of the crowd. Whether it’s Raj or Rahul or Aman his charisma never failed to leave a mark on the box office and hearts of his fans. Like all the other girls I was also a big fan of him. I started loving and adoring him since my childhood. I never thought one day I will write all this about him.

My virtual love affair with him started with watching DDLJ. Raj was so cute, innocent, and genuine. He did everything for Simran, I also wanted a Raj for me. And with this movie, millions of girls fell in love with him. He became the prince charming of every girl out there. Even married girls used to compare their husbands with Raj.

After that, I watched Dil to Pagal hai, Koyla, Yes Boss, Pardesh, and many more movies of his. After watching ‘Dil to pagal hai’ I shifted from Raj to Rahul, because I wanted a more sensible, responsible, and a creative man like Rahul.  Koyla, Yes boss, and Pardesh all three were based on the same story, but all three exhibited Shahrukh as a different personality. Every time he won the race at the box office and even in the hearts of people.

Then comes Josh, I wanted my brother to be like ‘max’, strong and rowdy yet loving and caring. Then that charming teacher of Mohabbatein, who himself loves a girl who died years back, and he allows his students to fall in love and do everything for their love. To get that kind of unconditional love, I was ready to die. After Kabhi Khushi Kabhi gham, mothers all around want a son like him.

Then comes Devdas. Aah! As a failed lover he did a miraculous job. He portrayed it better than any other actor who played Devdas in the past. He made everyone cried while dying. Then comes everyone’s favorite ‘kal ho na ho’, he played a perfect son, a perfect neighbor, a perfect friend, and a perfect lover. Thousands and thousands of people cried when he died in the movie.

 In ‘main hoon na’ I loved a dedicated soldier. I loved most Veer Pratap Singh of ‘Veer Zaara’. Veer, a dedicated flying officer, an obedient son, and an unconditional lover. I watched the movie more than 35 times. How can I forget Mohan Bhargav, a NASA scientist who chose a small village of his country over an illustrious career in NASA. With ‘Chak De India’ he convinced each one of us to achieve unattainable goals.

He made us laugh in movies like Chennai Express and Happy New Year. Basically, he made us laugh, cry, motivate, and fall in love simultaneously. Here, I need to mention ruthless psycho lover from Anjaam, Darr, and Baazigar, who scared every girl. To be precise, he played different characters and all of them were loved by the people of India.

Apart from movies, I loved him because of his wit, charm, oratory skills, and ideologies. He delivered lectures at Yale University, Oxford University, University of Edinburgh and Ted Talk, etc. Each time he tried to motivate youth to achieve their goal, stay grounded after achieving success, and giving love and respect to parents. All those life lessons might have inspired several young minds around the world. His incredible dedication towards sports is evident from his active involvement in KKR and Trinidad and Tobacco.

With the love of people in India and around the world, he became King of Bollywood. People made him the richest actor in the world. Most Indians loved him without thinking about his religion. He is loved by people, around the world, but most loved by people of Islamic countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc. Even Shahrukh’s name helped an Indian man in Syria to escape from routine police inquiries.   After getting all the name, fame, and money he is failed as a patriotic Indian. He is a self-indulged man who decided not to see anything or anyone other than himself.

Even being a big star his name was associated with several controversies such as Wankhede Stadium controversy, New York airport controversy, intolerance statement against the government of India.  He was blamed to donate millions of Rupees to Pakistan. He was even criticized for giving chances to several Pakistani actors in his films and Pakistani cricketers in KKR team. He is also endorsing tourism in Dubai. Even after all this, he managed his stardom.

Fall of his Kingdom started in 2015 with a flop film ‘fan.’ For the last five years, he couldn’t leave a mark at the box office. When he made a statement regarding intolerance in the country, he lost my love and respect for him. I stopped watching his film and several other people did the same. I also hate him because he used his popularity to demean others. During award shows he made fun of several established actors and newcomers like Irfan Khan, Neel Nitin Mukesh, and Sushant Singh Rajput. His condolence message on Sushant’s death was nothing but the ridiculousness of a self-obsessed star.

This downfall is going to a new level after the allegation of his business partnership with Tony Ashai. This Tony Ashai is a Srinagar based activist, businessman, and a Pak sympathizer. He is well-known for his separatist agenda and always calls Kashmiri youth to fight for free Kashmir. Tony Ashai has been a member of the terror group Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) sponsored by Pakistan’s spy agency ISI. Ashai designed the Dubai building and Los Angeles apartment of Shahrukh. Ashai was also involved in several projects of Gauri Khan. Pictures of Ashai with Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is viral on the internet and it is claimed that Ashai is on the payroll of ISI. In the past, Shahrukh was even invited to live in Pakistan by the co-founder of Lashkar-e-Taiba.

Now the question is that why Shahrukh Khan chose to work with anti-India people? It cannot be for money because there is no dearth of money for him. Is it for religion? I don’t know, it may be or may not be, but with this, he lost his credibility, popularity, respect, and love. He will never regain that popularity and love from the people of India. With all these incidences, the Kingdom of King Khan is collapsed and it will never be rebuilt. I hate Shahrukh Khan because I cannot love a person who doesn’t love my country, India. Apart from me, millions of people in India are feeling the same right now.  

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