The Communist Party Of India (Marxist) ostensibly calls itself to be a saviour of poor labourers and fight for its rights, with the slogan from the Communist Manifesto penned by Karl Marx, stating, “The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win”.

So, the communist theory was to assume dictatorial power by setting up a war between two classes the bourgeoisie, i.e. the middle class intellectuals and the proletariat, the worker class masses by instigating the poor labourers to kill and massacre the whole society randomly whoever opposes the communist leader’s murderous philosophy to usurp power under the garb of fighting for the rights of the disadvantaged.

Communists world over have killed more than 100 million people in their quest to snatch power. The victims of their massacre across the globe have been largely the poor labourers and peasants before, during and after the so-called revolution.

A shining example of this can be seen from the latest shocking incident from Tamil Nadu, where a Regional Secretary of the CPI (M) terrorized and beat up black and blue a government godown labourer in Sembianmahadevi near Nagapattinam as reported by the Commune Magazine from news sourced by Polimer News, a Tamil news channel.

The CPM comrade wanting to extort money from the poor labourer beat him up for refusing to pay money to the party for elections.

Gnanasekaran, the Regional Secretary of CPM in Nagapattinam, reportedly forcibly entered the government godown, along with three more goondas who are also CPM members illegally demanded Sellaiyan, the supervisor of the godown, to give them cash for election funds.

When Selliyan refused as he had no spare money for the party in the tough economic conditions, they went on to demand ten sacks of rice grains, which Selliyan refused as it amounted to thieving from public godown. The goonda comrades were so incensed on Selliyan’s refusal to pay up to their extortions that they wanted to teach him a lesson and beat him up severely which resulted in serious injuries.

They made a ruckus by breaking furniture and throwing chairs and sticks in the godown and attacked Sellaiyan which almost got him killed. The godown attacked by the CPM comrades is run by the government and serves as direct collection agency for rice grains.

Sellaiyan, the poor victim of CPM comrades’ violence and the party’s extortionist policy of forcibly extorting money from all workers and labourers for the party was severely injured. He was admitted to a nearby hospital where he informed the police about the violent attack by CPM goondas on his refusal to accede to their illegal monetary demands for party elections. Sellaiyan sought justice and wanted the communist goondas to be booked for violently attacking him and extorting money from him.

Predictably enough this news is not covered by any of the mainstream media infested by card carrying leftist members. The incident in Tamil Nadu shows the true face of the communists who attain power and remain in power only by brute force and murderous terrorism, which they had perfected in West Bengal for over 35 years till 2011 when they were ousted out of power by Mamata Banerjee promising “Paribortan”, unfortunately Mamata’s government only became another version of tyrannical reign marked with thousands of murders rather than ushering in any real Paribortan.

The violent extortion business of the communist parties would be effected the most by the enactment of the three new Farm laws by the Modi government as it can be seen in the above case, where the comrades were trying to forcibly extort money from labourers in government godowns storing rice collected from farmers. This may be the prime reason why one can see many communist and urban Naxals spearheading the fake farmers’ protests in India.

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