There is a systematic history of many Islamist foundations promoting jihadi terror and secessionism in non-Islamic countries under the garb of humanitarian aid and social service. The Legal Rights Observation has unearthed one such case, where the HELP Foundation funded by the Helping Hand For Relief & Development (HHRD), a highly controversial Islamic charity along with the UK based Kashmir Development Foundation promoted and financed holding a civic ceremony to hoist or display the “Azad Jammu and Kashmir flag” and observe “Kashmir National Day”.

The Legal Rights Observatory, LRO has sent a complaint to the Ministry of Home Affairs for acting against the aforementioned organisations which provide funds from abroad for illegal secessionist activities in Kashmir which constitutes gross violation of the FCRA rules.

The LRO also found that this secessionist foundation, the Help Foundation was funded by Action Aid and Muslim Aid. Notably, Muslim Aid is headed by many people who are connected with Islamic Relief, which funds jihadi terrorist organisations like the Hamas.

The Help Foundation is also curiously funded by Christian foundations like Terre Des Hommes founded in Netherlands which in turn is a partner of Universalist Holdeen India Program (UUHIP) in India and has close association with Kathy Sreedhar.

Kathy Sreedhar is an important member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Task Force on India, which has facilitated placement of 1,000 children in the United States from the Mother Teresa Orphanages in India.

Pertinently, the Missionaries of Charity, founded by Mother Teresa have been accused by police and women and children activists to illegally take away babies of poor unwed mothers and sell them for around 1,700Dollars per baby.

Notably, the Help Foundation also tries to defame the Indian Army and Indian government by trying to portray that “innocent teenagers” are fired with pellet guns by the security forces, making them blind. It is noteworthy that Islamist organistations like the Help Foundation eulogises and encourages highly violent stone pelting by Kashmiri Muslims on armed forces in Kashmir when they try to tackle Islamist terrorists armed with sophisticated weapons.

Kashmiri Muslim youths have been radicalised by forces inimical to India like Pakistan and other powerful Islamic nations and organisations whose aim is to Islamise India and immediately break away Kashmir from India. This radicalisation is done by the Islamic clergy in Kashmir in cahoots with Pakistan and also by NGOs like the Help Foundation, which work under the garb of providing social service.

Find below the highly provocative and misleading information provided by the Help Foundation in its twitter posts.

The LRO has therefore red flagged the misuse of foreign funds received from dubious Islamic foundations and Christian evangelist organisations, which divert the money for illegal conversions, promoting terrorism, secessionism and business of selling young orphans for profit under the garb of serving marginalised women and children by the aforementioned organisations.

It is hoped that the Home Ministry takes immediate action by firstly cancelling the concerned NGOs registration to send and receive foreign funds for purposes which has very serious repercussions on the safety and integrity of the nation.

Find below the tweets posted by LRO informing about FCRA Violation by the Help Foundation and the other aforementioned international organisations which funds its nefarious anti-India activities under the garb of social service.

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