The Federal Church of India in Kanyakumari owned and managed by Pastor Lal Shine Singh has been caught by the Tamil Nadu police for running brothel under the guise of a Church in Kanyakumari.

The Tamil Nadu police has arrested seven people including Pastor Lal Shine Singh and four women for running a sex racket under cover of a Church.

The Federal Church of India is affiliated with the Diocese of Christ Anglican Church of India and located at Jyoti Nagar in St Mangadu in Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu.

The Church was raided by Tamil Nadu police on Wednesday after it received tip off about mysterious frequent trips by several men and women in luxury cars to the Church premises at odd hours. The raid by the police revealed that the Church was being used as a cover for running a sex racket by Pastor Lal Shine Singh.

During police interrogation Pastor Lal Shine Singh has reportedly confessed to have been running a sex racket at the Church by engaging several women for the purpose. The investigations also revealed that a lady has pushed her 19 year old daughter in the flesh trade run by Pastor Lal Shine Singh.

Notably, the Federal Church of India is one of the largest Churches in Kanyakumari and Bishop Lal Shine Singh is the founder and President of the Church.

Pertinently, Sister Lucy Kalappura had written an autobiographical book titled, ‘Karthavinte Namathil’ (In The Name Of Christ) where she had exposed the rampant sexual exploitations in Church run instititions. She had also organised protests against alleged rapist Bishop Franco Mulakkal in support of the rape victim in Kerala. Sister Lucy was punished by the Vatican Papacy by stripping her of her ‘Sisterhood’ and removing her from the Church convent.

The organised sex racket run by Pastor Lal Shine Singh only proves Sister Lucy right and indicates the rot within the Church administration in the name of Jesus. The mainstream media and the so-called feminist activists are completely silent over sex rackets and brothels being run under cover of holy Curches and the rampant sexual exploitation of women, young girls and even young boys by the clergy in Churches across India.

News Input: Thanti TV

Image source: Newsbharati

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