Rashmi Samant, an alumni of Oxford University has approached Karnataka High Court in the ongoing Hijab Row Case which erupted in the city of Udupi, Karnataka.

Rashmi Samant, an alumni of Oxford University and also the former student of PU College has approached Karnataka High Court regarding the Hijab Row Case. She argued that formal recognition of the hijab as a part of the permitted uniform of Muslim girls in state-run educational institutions would have the inadvertent effect of fettering the rights of Muslim girls who do not wish to wear on account of pressure from peers, family and community.

In her Interlocutory application she wrote “alarmed at purported attempt to introduce symbols widely regarded as tending to promote discrimination & exclusion of women in state-run edu. institutions under garb of Freedom of Religion”. Rashmi Samant also was a student of PU college where the controversy broke out. She also stated that if hijab is being allowed students from other religious groups will come into an competition to show their respective religious symbols which might undermine the peace of the city Udupi. Rashmi Sawant argued that despite views expressed by noted scholars & activists such as “Hijab is meant to keep muslim women oppressed” (Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed), “Veil not mandatory in Islam” (Indian muslims for secular democracy) etc, religious chauvinism being pushed by some extremist groups.

It correctly points out that allowing a “choice” for a few girls will then make it “mandatory” for other girls who may not wish to wear it.

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