PARIS (Reuters) – The French government announced this week that it would launch an inquiry into academic research into alleged “Islamist-left” tendencies to “corrupt society”.

The French government says the French government imported from American universities, especially on studies of race, gender, post-colonial studies and other areas – the news of the investigation sparked an immediate backlash between the university’s president and scholars. And contribute to the deterioration of French society.

The announcement comes as President Emmanuel Macron and some of his top ministers have spoken out strongly against what they see as a destabilizing influence on American campuses in recent months.

The lower house of the French parliament passed an anti-Islam law. Encouraging terrorist attacks and Shri. As Macron leans forward to the right, Predict the NCP’s challenges before next year’s elections.

Frederick Vidal, Minister of Higher Education, Said That in Parliament on Tuesday “On the completeness of the ongoing research in our country,” the National Scientific Research Center, run by the state government, will oversee the investigation into the aftermath of colonialism.

In an earlier television interview, Ms Vidal said there would be an inquiry Focus on “Islamo-Leftism” – Dr. To accuse bent thinkers of justifying Islamism and even terrorism, Shri. A controversial term adopted by some of Macron’s top ministers.

“Islamo-leftism corrupts all societies and universities are not impenetrable,” Ku said. Vidal said some scholars were promoting “radical” and “activist” ideas. Referring to scholars of race and gender, Ms. Vidal accused them of “always looking at everything through the printing of the will to show the enemy signs, to divide, to make a will.”

At the beginning of the last century, France defined itself as a secular state that adhered to the principle that all citizens are equal under law, and that the government maintains no statistics on ethnicity or religion.

These rules have been tested with a new diversification organization and a permanent gesture between permanent settlers of immigrants. The call to raise more awareness of conscience had to be met with opposition to the political establishment, which often invited them to American multiculturalism and threatened France’s identity and social cohesion.

In strangely blunt language, the academic world denied the allegations against the government.

On Tuesday, a conference of university presidents dismissed “Islamo-leftism” as a “pseudo-ideology” popularized in the far right, calling the government’s discourse “talk and rubbish.”

The National Center for Scientific Research, a state organization, ordered ministers to oversee the investigation, which it instructed to comply with on Wednesday, but “strongly condemned” attacks on academic freedom.

Attempts to privatize various areas of research, such as post-colonial studies, intersection studies, and race research, were condemned, the organization said.

In the wake of the crackdown on education experts on Thursday, the investigating agency said in a statement that it was not its responsibility to investigate Athana.

Making the first book out of at least three of France’s major newspapers in recent times, the melancholy battle over science-social science theories points to a major cultural war in France that has been punctuated by racism and mass protests over the past year. Violence, rival views of feminism, and explosive debates on Islam and Islamism.

Also, Islamic terrorists have carried out attacks for many years, large and small. That includes three people and a beheaded teacher at a basilica in Nice in recent months.

The origins of the culture war in the media and politics go back to the universities of France. In recent years, a new, more diverse generation of social science practitioners has embraced the study of race, gender, and colonialism, forcing a country to reflect on issues such as history or race and racism.

He has clashed with an older generation of Buddhists who believe in this social science theory American imports – although there are many thinkers behind race, gender, and colonialism French or other citizens.

Mr. who is not very interested in the previous issues. Macron has defeated many conservatives in recent months. He had said some social science theories were completely imported from America.

In his keynote address at the end of Islamism, Shri. Macron spoke of children or grandchildren of Arab and African immigrants “re-establishing their identity through post-colonial or anticolonial discourse” – those who use the discourse fall into the trap. Nurtured a kind of “self-hatred” against France.

In recent months, Mr. Macron has moved to the right as part of his strategy to garner support from his main challenger, the far-right leader, Marine Le Pen, in next year’s presidential election. The poll shows that Mr. who was the main rival in the last election. Mr. Le Pen. The edge of the macron is reduced.

Chloe Morin, a poll expert with the Paris-based Foundation Jean-Jarros, said Mr. Macron’s political base has shifted completely to the right, and his ministers have used Islamist-leftist ideology to “speak to the right.”

“This is probably the most effective way to defame a competitor,” she said. Morin said.

The government’s own statistics show that even after realizing that crime is flat, Mr. Macron’s ministers often adopted a favorite expression, “slavery,” or “diversion,” to the very right of declaring uncontrolled crimes. Or falling.

Marwan Mohamed, a French sociologist and Islamophobia expert, said politicians often used dogmatic terms such as “prejudice” or “Islamist-leftism” to divide voters.

“I think the government will give us a regular rhythm on such issues until next year’s presidential election,” Mr Mohammed said, adding that the heated cultural debate had drawn attention to the government’s misguided approach to the economic crisis. As well as the epidemic-frightening crisis in the country’s universities.

The term “Islamo-leftism” was first coined by the French historian Pierre-Andr टॅ Taguev to describe what he saw as a far-left extremist and a political alliance between Islamic extremists against the United States and Israel.

Recently, it has been used by conservatives and far-right people – and now Mr. Some of Macron’s ministers – who have accused him of being soft on Islam and focusing on Islamicobia instead.

Expertise on Islamophobia is an examination of how hostility to Islam, rooted in French colonial experience, is shaping the lives of French Muslims. Critics say their focus is on American-style, victim-based politics.

A leading critic of American universities, Shri. Taguif said in a recent email that there was an attempt to create a misrepresentation of “systemic racism” in France, along with “a whole artificial import” of Islamophobia and the “American-style black question” in France.

Sara Mazouz, a sociologist at the National Center for Scientific Research, said the government’s attack on this social theory “highlights the difficulty in understanding the French state as its own state in a multicultural society.”

She said the term “Islamo-leftism” was used to “entrust” this new study on race, gender and other issues so that “there should be no debate”.

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