Bharat has been facing the onslaught of Christian evangelists trying to convert Sanatan Dharma followers to Christianity even before the country came directly under the British imperial rule. Even after independence, the global network of evangelists promoted by modern day capitalist East India companies and aided avidly by internal communist saboteurs continue brazenly to convert vulnerable Hindus by force, fraud, allurement and coercion.

The Legal Rights Observatory (LRO) is an NGO that exposes evangelist organisations using foreign funds to convert people, commit financial & real estate frauds as also instigate the converts to violently agitate against policies of the Indian government with an aim to deter India’s economic growth and emerge as global power which would threaten the monopolistic dominance of their western co-religionist masters.

The LRO in its investigations has found that the Free Methodist Mission in India has received a whopping Rs.31.17 Crores from Methodist churches based in Hong Kong and in the US under the pretext of doing social service in India like providing scholarships to the poor and needy to access education. But what they hide is the fact that these evangelist organisations trap vulnerable sections of Hindu by offering them scholarships and money to be repaid to the Methodist Church by extracting a contract from the converts benefiting from the scholarships to provide their services to convert other Hindus equally or more vulnerable than them.

The office bearers of Free Methodist Mission in India has been accused of embezzling funds meant for social service and commit huge real estate frauds for which they are facing many litigations against them as reported by the LRO.

The LRO further states in its report that the Free Methodist Mission in India also spews venom against Hinduism and incites riots by promoting hostility against Hindus and Hindu pilgrimage centres like Varanasi, by calling it “Hell on Earth”.

The Free Methodist Mission abuses Varanasi a pious centre of eternal spirituality and knowledge, as old as human beings, older than history, older than legend and older than traditions as a “Hell on Earth”.

Varanasi is the mother of civilization, culture, tradition and spirituality, no wonder evangelists try to spread lies and venom to discredit the most venerated and deified cities of the world as the predatory Abrahamic faith does not have a seat of learning and spirituality to match Varanasi, which becomes an impediment in converting Hindus to Christianity.

Notably, these evangelists are aided by leftists settled in the US like Mira Nair, whose sole aim in life is to discredit Hinduism, Hindus and the revered Varanasi, the cradle of civilization through defamatory movies like Water, Earth, etc.

So, the internal enemies, who are communists or namesake Hindus collaborate with the global evangelists to discredit Hinduism and its rich unmatched past glory to aid conversions of Hindus to Christianity or Islam. As wherever Hindus have been converted to Islam or Christianity it has led to secessionism and slavery of the population to the western Christian masters or Middle Eastern Islamic masters or both of them, e.g. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan etc.

The LRO has lodged a formal complaint to the Ministry of Home Affairs against the Free Methodist Mission India for the deregistration of Free Methodist Mission In India to receive any foreign funds and freeze all its properties and accounts as it receives funds from rabid evangelist organisations in US and Hong Kong with stated aim to convert all Hindus in India to Christianity and also indulges in financial & real estate frauds. Over and above all this to reach its target it abuses and spreads hatred against the pious city of Varanasi as “Hell on Earth”.

It is hoped that the Home Ministry takes cognisance of this complaint against the said evangelist organisation spreading hatred in society while illegally enriching themselves by committing huge financial and real estate frauds which amount to serious violation of the FCRA rules.

The LRO informed about its written complaint to the HMO against the nefarious activities of the Free Methodist Mission In India and the FCRA violations committed by it by misusing 31.17 Crore Rupees of foreign funds in the social media platform, Koo.


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