Bharat as a civilization successfully encountered and crumbled the large pillar of Islamism which was acting as a hindrance in the path of Dharma. When we used to kids, we studied about the 9 ratnas who used to sit in the darbar of Mughal Invader Akbar and helped him in administration. Those ratnas worked with Akbar to spread Islamism and because of their assistance, Akbar was able to destroy Hindu temples, rape Hindu women and mutilate Hindu men.

But with course of time, Bharat successful dealt with the cruel attempts of Akbar and his 9 ratnas. Today Bharat and Hindus are in in such a position that seems it seems under the vision and leadership of Bharat’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 12 Ratnas ie 12 Chief Minister are coming together to spread and bringing back the lost glory of Sanatan Dharma.

It needs to be observed by every Bhartiya, the commitment of the central government towards the Sanatani culture. Bhartiya Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is in Kashi along with Chief Minister of 12 states for inauguration of Kashi Corridor. While his cabinet ministers will be doing pooja at the remaining 11 Jyotirlingas and other Shiva temples.

Bhartiya Prime Minister is in a two days trip to his constituency Varanasi.PM Modi has reached Kashi, Varanasi for the inauguration of the temple complex known as the Kashi Vishwanath Corridor. Hindu priests of the Kashi Vishwanath Temple have started the rituals of the inauguration along with Narendra Modi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered his prayers at the Kal Bhairav temple in Varanasi as devotees and supporters of PM Modi crowded outside the temple to see the Prime Minister.

After reaching Kashi, Prime Minister of Bharat Narendra Modi took a dip in the Ma Ganga which migh dip the voices of Leftists and Hindu hating people.Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the over 50-feet Kashi Vishwanath Corridor in his parliamentary constituency Varanasi on Monday, which will connect the ancient Kashi Vishwanath temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and the two ghats on the Ganges. After the arrival of Narendra Modi and Yogi Adityanath, Kashi and Uttar Pradesh have witnessed a lot of growth both in development and spiritually. Encroachment was made free by widening the roads, which relieved the people from the problem of jam. The development of Kashi can be seen easily with a single glance.The oldest city in the world is being transformed with both contemporary and traditional understanding. Kashi has always been the biggest religious place for Hindus and has been working to connect Hindus. Despite the attack of Islamic Jihadis, Kashi is firm by the grace of Mahadev. With the arrival of Modi and Yogi Adityanath, once again in the world, Kashi’s dunk is in full swing.

From 9 ratnas of Jihadi Akbar who tried tooth and nail to 12 ratnas of Narendra Modi, the first civilization, Bharat encountered and crumbled down Islamism.

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