Devout Hindus world over were overwhelmed with emotions when the November 9, 2019 verdict of the Supreme Court and the Bhoomipujan ceremony on August 8, 2020 paved way for the construction of the Ram Mandir at Ramjanmabhoomi in Ayodhya after nearly 550 years of barbaric demolition of an ancient Ram Mandir at the holy place which marked the birth place of Prabhu Shri Ram.

Hindus all over in India, rich and poor, welcome Ram Bhaktas who through the official Ram Mandir Nidhi Samarpan Abhiyan collect money from devotees of Bhagwan Ram for the construction of the grand and glorious temple of Bhagwan Ram at Ayodhya.

The poor Hindus surpass the rich in donating for the pious Ram Mandir, their dedication and determination for contributing to Bhagwan Ram’s Mandir at Ayodhya leaves many middle class and rich Hindus speechless and stunned with amazement. It is this eternal spirit of Hindus which gave our ancestors the strength to bear the untold barbaric marauderous assault of Abrahamics on Sanatanis for over 1400 years.

Here is the moving and inspiring story of an old Hindu woman from Andhra who gave her all as contribution for the construction of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya as reported by the Organiser, which sourced the news from VSK Bharat.

Her name is Kanchi Jnaanavva, affectionately called by the locals as ‘Ganavva’. As soon as she heard about the construction of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya, she resolved with determination to give a decent sum of money as her contribution for the Mandir.

When Ram Sevaks visited her house in a village in Nellore district of Andhra, she had only ₹1000 with her which she had saved out of her old-age pension. She gave away all her savings to the Ram Sevaks who were very touched by her charity.

But she was restless and wanted to contribute at least Rs.5,000 for the Mandir and she was pondering over the means to raise the amount, just then an idea flashed in her mind. She noticed the ring that was sparkling on her finger and decided to mortgage it to raise the amount.

The very next day early in the morning she left for the nearby Venkatagiri town in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh and mortgaged her ring for ₹4000. Happy in her heart to have managed to raise the desired amount, she approached a Ram Sevak and handed over that amount to him. 

Ganavva’s contibution and dedication to Bhagwan Ram reminds one of the great Ram Bhakta, Shabari Devi whose love and dedication for Prabhu Shri Ram was appreciated by Bhagwan Ram himself.

The Ambanis, Adanis, other prosperous wealthy and prosperous Ram Bhaktas may contribute crore times more than humble Ganavva, but Bhagwan Ram’s most special devotee who would win his heart in modern times would be Ganavva as the amount of contribution does not matter, it is the total dedication and commitment to Prabhu Ram which counts the most.

The author of this article is quite certain the Ram Bhakta who saw Ganavva and took her offerings for the Ram Mandir would have felt very humbled and blessed to be involved in such a pious mission.

Jai Shri Ram!

News Source: VSK Bharat

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