(For more data on Shivlinga, visit here!) Shivlingam is a round and hollow or once in a while an ellipsoid state of item which is loved as a type of Master Shiva.

It is comprised of various kinds of materials like stone, rock, rock, mercury or marble and so on It is viewed as the type of Parabrahman or Brahman, the preeminent God. (Check out~ Who is Master Tirupati balaji?!!)

Presently in the event that we see the inquiry, at that point Yes! Shivlinga particularly takes after the state of an atomic reactor. In the event that you look at a Shivlinga and an atomic reactor, you will discover a lot of similarities in the two of them.

As per researchers, this ellipsoid or round and hollow shape is viewed as the most best structure to store greatest measure of energy. So it can happen that a Shivlinga is in a real sense a kind of atomic reactor which creates and emanates positive energy.

Be that as it may, Lord Shiva is God. Furthermore, God can’t be contrasted and compared with materialistic things. It is possible that a Shivlinga is utilized for creation of energy. In any case, it is the symbol of Brahman.

Comparing him with worldly things is a sin as God is infinite and can’t be bound with these things. Hope you would have understood!! (Check out~ What are the 4 primary Vedas in Hinduism?!!)

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