In ancient civilization, the growth of the civilization was the result of incredible ancient engineering and technology during during those days .

These technologies have in some ways affected the modern lives. But, a lot of these inventions has been forgotten, lost on just pages and only to be revitalized thousands of year later .

So, this is a series of ancient indian history inventions and discoveries without details but after some time i will give your complete structure of details .

  1. Ancient Dentistry (7000 BC)
  2. Ancient Flush Toilet (2500 BC)
  3. Ayurveda (5000 BC)
  4. Ruler (2400 BC)
  5. Weighting Scale (2400 BC)
  6. Plastic Surgery (2000 BC)
  7. Sulba Sutra (Pythogorean Theorem) (700 BC)
  8. Crucible Steel (200 BC)
  9. Cataract Surgery (200 AD)
  10. Earths Orbit (700 AD)
  11. Numeral System
  12. Education System and University (Taxila and Nalanda)
  13. Clothing to the world
  14. Ancient Democracy
  15. Water on Moon
  16. Einestien Quantum Statistics
  17. Radio/Wireless Communication
  18. Zero
  19. Complex Hydraulic Engineering
  20. Medicine
  21. Surgery
  22. Religious Tolerance
  23. NonViolence
  24. Gender Equality
  25. Cloth Button

Today , I am posting 25 discoveries and inventions and in next post , I will tell you another 25 inventions and discoveries .

To be continued …


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