Samudra Bharati Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has long been the epicenter of conversion activities of both Missionaries and Islamists. Several questionable organizations like the Thawheed Jamaat and other FCRA funded missionary groups have grown roots with the blessings of political powers that be, threatening the millennia-long cultural continuity with changing religious demography. Combined with the caste obsession of the general populace, these invasive ideologies are having a pernicious impact on India’s inclusive way of life. Such organizations have already taken a toll on the economic and social well being of Tamil Nadu, as exemplified by the KudankuLam unrest and Sterlite factory closure.

To counter the deep-rooted and expanding influence of foreign-funded organizations, we have started a volunteer organization: Samudra Bharati. A part of the larger Seema Jagran Manch umbrella, our organization works along the coastal borders of South India. Foremost among the many things our organization does, is to empower women as Dharma Paripalikaa. Our women volunteers come from the coastal villages and become the catalysts to save Sanatana Dharma in the sensitive coastal areas.

The Dharma Paripalikaa help mobilize women and children in their respective villages for social upliftment. They inculcate cultural and civilizational values in children by teaching them devotional shloka, episodes from our Itihaasa & Puranaa. They use games and sports to teach valuable life skills to kids, while also promoting social harmony by organizing Deepa Pooja, and Gau Pooja. The Hindu Dharma Paripalikaa bring about a cultural transformation in their villages. Moreover, Samudra Bharati is coordinating women self-help groups and empowers them to become financially independent by enabling access to generous government grants.

We support bright kids by providing them scholarships for education, and by funding single teacher tuition centers in these areas.

Resources are an ongoing battle for small Hindu organizations like Samudra Bharati. Sustained, small support is what we need – as little as 750 Rs per month. Please help us take the activities of Samudra Bharati to the next level. Your contribution will help us fight the Missionaries and Muslims who have almost taken over the coastline of Tamil Nadu. We are currently accepting funds only from within India.

Support us and do your bit for Dharma Samrakshanam. धर्मो रक्षति रक्षित:

Account Details

Name: Samudra Bharathi Tamil Nadu
Bank: City Union Bank
A/c No: 500101011402021.
IFSC: CIUB0000500,
Branch: Anna Nagar West, Chennai, 600101.


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