Many civilizations have bloomed on earth with a strong impact on the masses. The fact is most of them also got narrowed down or ruined over centuries.

BHARAT– The civilization that got stained, wounded, ruined endlessly and yet it continues to bounce back drowned in divinity. This happened because of the wisdom this civilization extended ever since the existence of this planet which happens to be relevant to all life and time. The one lesson that one can learn here is the fact that for any culture to sustain, it needs to be rooted in Śāstra which automatically makes it relevant in each phase of time.

This article is a reflection of my personal beliefs and my only thought here is to highlight the need to uplift the ignored aspects of this civilization which in true sense can awaken Bharat. I believe the key is to strike the right balance between modernity (factors that make a country economically powerful in the modern world) and revival & application of Bharat’s ancient wisdom and knowledge.

Study/Teach Vedic Science of Agriculture

Agriculture is the mainstay of a nation. When a civilization shifts to unnatural methods of farming, irreparable damage is done to the ecosystem and every living entity that forms the ecosystem. The consequence being- nature claims back its territories by washing away everything.

The Atharvaveda, Kautilya Arthashastra , Varaha Samhita and Vrukshayurveda by Shurpala narrate how to increase the soil fertility, predict rainfall accurately and improve the productivity of the cultivated land. Focusing on the cultivation of crops which are indigenous to Bharat, revival of these ancient sustainable techniques by making ethical use of available natural resources that include land, animals and everything that’s relevant here would play a key role in this area. This will not just result in a population that worships every natural resource, but a nation with physically and mentally strong people. The mantra is simple- “You are what you eat” and yet this is the most ignored aspect of Bharat in present times while we’re disappointingly resorting to modern techniques like Hybrid farming, GMO crops and heavy use of chemical-based fertilizers that wreak havoc to the ecosystem.

Revive Vedic Education / Gurukul Paramparā

The scientific culture of this country has systematically been ruined and suppressed for centuries. While students from across the world flocked to Bharat to be a part of the most glorious study culture with the likes of Takshashila, Nalanda and Vikramshila; today the tables have completely turned around and here we are, producing robots out of our children! This culture was never about classifying people under similar categories where they’d all work in similar ways under the same roof.

Recognizing the innate features of an individual so as to mould them into tough leaders, teachers, artisans and fighters was what the Gurukuls strived for. They were melting pots of varied personalities under one roof; Gurus that dedicated their lives for the upliftment of the society’s consciousness and Shishyas that gave up all worldly pleasures to acquire the Supreme knowledge of the Vedas, Upanishads and various other scriptures.

Both the knowledge of Shaastra (Science) and Shastra (Weapons for DharmaRaksha)  was an integral part of Gurukul teaching making both humble philosophers and fierce warriors out of the students.

The civilization that gifted Chanakya, Chandragupta Mourya, Jivaka and endless other gems to the society is reduced to a nation of citizens majorly unaware of their glorious sciences; while seeking pride in earning degrees from foreign universities. A nation can boast of all-round development when its citizens’ all aspects of personality have been developed all-round while honing their skills & preserving their spark and creativity.

Empower the feminine energy

Shakti (Female) is the only way to Shiva (Creation); no one can even take birth without females. As cliché as it may sound, we are yet to “re-realize” this Shakti in our women. With invasion, the cultural values of having the highest regard for this Shakti decayed over time. To empower a nation it is essential to create a female-friendly spirit and culture once again. We need to build a nation of the feminine; empowered with endless power to reveal and activate the dormant and unknown life inside us. Shiva and Shakti are inseparable entities of the universe and the deep knowledge of this can uplift the levels of a nation’s consciousness.

Build a Two-Way System

The essential ingredient for nation-building at all times is the system or the organizational structure. A system means how the nation exists in co-ordination from top to toe, from mountain-top lawmakers to deepest valley in the form of last citizen.

Being in the system doesn’t mean holding and enjoying top-key positions but offering a way to touch the heart and life of the people at the bottom in need. People are the key to the nation’s success and downfall. So each citizen must back system-designed law and order. Just like in a tree, the system is the roots of the tree while the leaves are its people. Both function in co-ordination with each other by absorbing the nutrients from the soil and the sun respectively to contribute to the tree’s survival. Citizens have to fulfill their responsibilities and learn the ways in which they can contribute to the nation’s development. When a system and its machinery commit to serve the land, people and humanity, everything falls at the right place with time and the resultant prosperity flourishes everywhere.

Bharat is an analogy that’s not easy to understand owing to its diversity which makes it a complex nation and yet at the base of it all, we are a truly spiritual nation. A birth in this nation will be worth only when its true Shakti which is currently Supt (dormant) awakens.

After a long lag, mathematically proving and accepting the conclusion, what this culture had consciously and verbally reported long ago,” The future of humanity, world and Bharat doesn’t rest upon how technically, technologically and economically we get advanced but how scientifically we are awakened, harmonized and evolved with life as well, intrinsically.”

Wishing eternally that the leaders and we, the citizens of this country empower Bharat and help it reach great heights and depths by our firm divinity, integrated kindness, lasting commitment and unquestionable Rashtra Bhakti.

That really and essentially is my dream of a truly awakened Bharat!

DISCLAIMER: The author is solely responsible for the views expressed in this article. The author carries the responsibility for citing and/or licensing of images utilized within the text.