Gupkar gang is in the news in recent days. It comes across as not so much of a revelation, the way they have come together subsequent to their release from house-arrest.

Abdullahs and Muftis are two sides of the same coin. People’s welfare has never been their concern, but enjoying fruits of power is. One major weapon they wield while in opposition is to fan separatist sentiments among general public. Coalition of hardline separatists, religious fanatics and political parties keep the cauldron of violence boiling. Business of stone-throwing, of local recruitment of youth taking up arms and of carrying out guerrilla attacks on security forces, carries on in a big way.

As if on a cue, cross-boarder shelling picks up. Cease-fire violations put the boarder on the boil at various strategic locations. The shellings that go on for hours and even for days together are well-orchestrated action by Pak army to help terrorists infiltrate to our side of the boarder. Even civilians are not spared the indiscriminate firing from across the boarder.

While the populace is besieged with violence from inside as well as from across the boarder, the government of the day in Kashmir simply lobs the problem at central government’s court, asking it to initiate dialogue with Pakistan. Here arises the point that calls their intent into question. What is the motive behind so much urgency and interest to make Pakistan a party and initiate peace talks? All this, while they seem to be actively encouraging militancy, stone-throwing at security forces to provide cover to terrorists and waving of Pakistani flags and slogans being raised in favour of Pakistan in mosques and in various Street corners across the state.

This pattern of behaviour is seen across the board. Government of the day echoes voice of opposition, whose voice echoes that of the separatists.

They were in it together while bearing different identities to show to the world. A bunch of blood-thirsty people whose industry is run by the raw material of Jihad inspired by religion, by import of skilled manpower of terrorists, by skilling the local youth with firepower of guns, grenades and bombs. This industry feeds on war hysteria and gives birth to multiple ancillary units like peace talks, media and NGO activism and international attention.

Money flows from New Delhi and fills the coffers of all the disparate groups working together. With revocation of article 370, they fear the well-oiled industry of minting money going kaput. They fear the land of J&K they think is thiers, being lost to outsiders. The plan behind driving out Kashmir Hindus from their homesteads was exactly a precursor to the final goal of establishing an industry of separatism.

The goal is in danger of getting undone. So, the coming together of forces now to unite physically while earlier they were united in spirit.

Now, they are working as a unit called Gupkar gang. Earlier, they were Chhupkar gang: wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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