Bhakt’ is a derisive term used by the ‘Left-Liberals’ (#Le-Li) to refer to the supporters of Modi ji. While one doesn’t expect anything better from these sad specimens, what irks me is to see Modi ji’s supporters owning it as a badge of honour to refer to themselves. By doing this, they become party to desecrating a sublime word of our dharma and also legitimising it. This is how anti-Hindu and anti-national narratives are set by the #Le-Li. Do they ever refer to themselves as ‘libtards’, their description of choice by the Hindu nationalists? This is how the latter end up scoring self-goals and losing ground in the narrative war.

It is customary for the Leftists to take everything sublime and sacred in Hinduism and desecrate it just as J!had!sts vandalise temples and break the murtis. While the latter indulge in physical desecration, the former destroy our very culture by desecrating various aspects of Hinduism which we hold sacred.

The staunch Hindus are unaffected, chiefly because most of them don’t haunt SM platforms. But the dhimmis and fence-sitters jump up to own the insulting narratives, thinking they are putting one over the #Le-Li. From the casteist slurs to guamutra jibes, the insults have progressed to any and every term that is sacred to Hindus.

Take the word sanskari. It is such a unique word with layers and depth of meaning, that it is impossible to translate into English. It denotes someone with moral values, follows our traditions, values all living beings, respects our culture, is well bred and much more. And what do the crass #Le-Li do? They turn it into a word of mockery. In their world, moral values are perhaps unknown, which is why anyone with such values is ridiculed. And so, ‘sanskari’ is a cuss word in their dictionary. If you think of it, how can someone lacking in sanskar be expected to know what it means?

Bhakt is another word that has been distorted and defiled by these boors. They have made it so much a part of common discourse that today even Hindus and nationalists use it as a badge of honour. When Leftists apply the term bhakt to the supporters and followers of Modi ji, they are not only desecrating that spiritual word, but are also insulting both Modi ji and his supporters. Which is why I find it distasteful when his supporters own the term. They think they are giving it back to the #Le-Li by calling themselves bhakts. But what they fail to see is that they are conceding the battle to the Modi/Hindu-haters in the narrative war.

What would these nihilist #Le-Li know about bhakti or bhakts? Chamchas can only understand chamchagiri and what the terms mean. That is why they deify human beings and that too severely flawed ones – going to the extent of even building temples for the likes of Sonia Gandhi! Built by one of her chamchas, she is depicted as a devi with pujas and artis being done to her. What a travesty!

Bhakti denotes the exalted emotion that encompasses devotion steeped in love and reverence for the Supreme God. The great saints of the Bhakti Movement across the country exemplified this emotion and crores of ordinary Hindus exhibit it in their everyday lives till date. It is this love for their ishta devata that makes them lovingly drape a warm shawl over the murti in a temple or keep the fan running in the puja room at home in the summer, so that the Deities don’t feel the heat.

Having said that, there is a bhakti connection between Modi ji and his well-wishers and followers. Am I sounding contradictory? Let me explain.  

There is this elderly lady in a temple town of Tamil Nadu, who is devout and highly ritualistic in her religious observances. She does regular archana in the temple for our PM’s welfare and health. She is not well-to-do, but never misses any special occasion like his birthday or an election day, to do the archana for him.  Being in a predominantly anti-Hindu town with many Modi-haters around, she gives his name to the pujari as D. Narendran, to make it sound like a south Indian name! She prays for him just as she would for her own kin.

That, my friends IS bhakti but do note that it is not directed at Modi ji, but towards the Supreme God, beseeching His grace towards Modi ji. Can any C0ngress chamcha or #Le-Li hatemonger understand this kind of bhakti? Can any chamcha claim to have this kind of love for their leader?

If bhakti laced with love makes a devotee treat the Supreme as one of them, bathing, adorning and feeding Him as one would a member of one’s family, it is love of another kind that makes the supporters of Modi ji express their bhakti towards the Supreme God for giving them such a great leader. Unlike any other leader in the present or past, he has made a place in every supporter’s heart that makes them worry about him, root for his success and pray for his welfare and health. All this is out of love and respect, not bhakti.

This is the difference between the sycophants who worship Sonia Gandhi or Amitabh Bachhan. How ridiculous even the idea is! It is only Paramatma who is the justifiable recipient of human worship. The human ‘gods’ can only receive chamchagiri or sycophancy from their chamchas and fans respectively.

The bhakti of Modi ji’s supporters is so strong that they know he would be protected by their Deity. He is like a beloved parent whose only mission in life is to give the best to his family, nurturing each member to his or her full potential. For their part, his family trusts him implicitly to not only protect and provide for them but also make them happy and help them prosper. Why would they not pray for their parent’s health, happiness and long life? There might be selfishness in their prayer, but the love and adoration are unmistakable.

No, Modi ji doesn’t have bhakts but only a loving family which trusts him completely.

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