At 89 years of age, those handful of Hindus who still abide by traditional Sanatana values are either living a quiet and contemplative life of Vanaprastha or have renounced everything in pursuit of that ultimate quest of all: self-realization via Sanyasa. We need to keep this value-yardstick in mind if we wish to understand how fundamentally the Sanatana culture differs from the two Abrahamisms. In very simple terms, there is an inbuilt demonic trait in the DNA of the Mleccha systems, which doesn’t allow their psyches to sit still at a place thereby doing no harm to themselves and by extension, the world.

However, one must also be thankful to George Soros for finally being frank about his India-wrecking agenda in his recent speech at Davos. This is his coming-out-of-the-closet moment as the real face of the proxy war which is far deadlier than the one waged by Pakistan. Some of the members of the selfsame NGOs that he patronized must have ideally been in prison. However, the fact that they are still strutting around with impunity, challenging the sovereign might of the Indian state on a daily basis only shows the frightening extent to which their tentacles have spread in almost all areas. Doubly frightening is the fact that these tentacles have gripped our national institutions: the higher levels of bureaucracy, judiciary, academia, and obviously, the media. One might perhaps feel a sliver of relief at how they have largely not impacted the proverbial unwashed masses that continue to attend the Kumbh and other local festivals. However, even they will not remain unharmed if the Soroses of the world are not checked urgently.

 If Soros is not taken seriously, we can note the important fact that his own country of birth, Hungary, has declared him an enemy of the state, and in 2018, its government prepared a three-part plan titled Stop Soros Package. And it’s not just limited to Hungary. Wherever George Soros has gone, he has created and nurtured a sprawling and thriving NGO industry: most notably, almost all Central and Eastern European (the former Soviet Bloc) countries have passed stringent laws either banning or strictly monitoring his NGOs. Ukraine presents another notable case. Soros was declared the second most influential person in the country after its President, and in 2016, the Obama Government ordered the Ukranian Government to stop its investigations into his NGO, Anti-Corruption Action Centre (AntAC), which funded street protests by students against the Government. More dangerously, George Soros has funded a range of separatist movements for example, in Kosovo…the list is nearly endless but fairly representative of the mortal danger Soros poses to any country.

It is clear that Soros has followed all of the aforementioned strategies with respect to India: his latest tirade against Prime Minister Modi over the “autonomy” of Kashmir follows the same script vis a vis Kosovo. Then we’ve already seen the network of breaking-India NGOs and individuals he continues to fund.

Neither is it restricted only to George Soros. This phenomenon of dangerous Western interference in India was actually made possible because India failed to erect ironclad safeguards around its national and cultural security after the economic liberalization of 1991. Almost all mega-rich corporations that enter India to do business do not merely do business.

He is not alone against the battle which he has waged against the current leadership of India,there are many non-state actors who are on his payrolll and they are leaving no stone in destablizing the harmony and sanctity of the country.Farmers protest is a just trailer and anti-India elements have exerted all their efforts to shame India on global level.

To understand the chronology of the events ,kindly watch this video by Strings Revealed.

There are 2 ways by which we can find money trails or connections between 2 people or organisations.Finding this connection is very tough & finding a money trail is even tougher.

Second way is by tracking their donations to NGOs.

That’s an easier method for people like Soros to fund anti-govt agendas.

But that makes it even easier for people like us to track the money trails.

Rihana & twitter CEO jack dorsey’s connection is explained in the attached video.It will also reveal how the niece of Kamala Harris got money from Soros & How she’s running an anti-india agenda.

All answers and confusion can be cleared from the video and it’s a much watch to understand the propaganda.

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