Many Hindus debate among themselves: Who has harmed Hinduism more? Akbar OR Aurangzeb. One side votes for Aurangzeb – as he was a Muslim fanatic. Others vote for Akbar – as he established the Mughal dynasty in India.

I agree with the second argument that Akbar has done bigger harm to Hinduism. Had there been no Akbar, there would have been no Mughals in India.

Hence, Akbar is the poison tree which bore the poisonous fruit named Aurangzeb.

Coming to the topic of Russia and China, Communist China is an open enemy who has fought war with India and has captured our territory. But many people don’t know, it was Russia who created the belligerent communist China. Had there been no communist Russia, there would have been communist China. Refer here for details.

The poison tree named RUSSIA bore the poisonous fruit named “COMMUNIST CHINA”.

Second, our text books glorify Akbar and criticize Aurangzeb. The intent is simple: to tell the stupid Hindus that not all Mughals were bad.

Similarly, the Indian media which is controlled by the left Jihadists have portrayed Russia as a great friend, though Russia has looted India in the worst possible manner by stifling Indian arms industry. For details refer here. By making India dependent on Russia for arms, it not only tied Indian arms in following an independent foreign policy, but also stifled technological growth in India. Why? Because all technological innovations are made in the army. For e.g. Internet started as a US defense project and many such examples are there.

Akbar fought a lot of wars with Indian kings and committed horrendous genocides. Yet, the communist historians have presented Akbar as a chivalrous and macho warrior.

Similarly, all Russian rulers starting from Stalin to Putin are cruel dictators and have committed horrendous genocides. Yet Indian media has pained a rosy, masculine and macho like picture of Putin.

Especially during the reign of Aurangzeb, lot of Indian businesses were taken over by the Mughals and many were strategic ones. For e.g. the entire shipping was controlled by Mughals, the arms industry was controlled by the Mughals and many more.

Similarly, China has made India financially dependent on itself. Who helped them in this? The Indian communist trade unions. Who propped the Indian communist trade unions? Answer is Russia.

Hence, it is high time for India to recognize our true enemies and act accordingly.

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