Before the communist takeover, China did not share borders with India. Between China and India lay the Tibet and Xinjiang province. Not only that, China was a democratic country with Multi-Party system under Kuomintang.

After independence, the Kuomintang (KMT) Govt. would have been very friendly to India.

All the problems that Modiji is fighting is a creation of Russia. Read my article here.

  1. The communists in India have been created by Russia.
  2. Who murdered Shastriji to plant Indira Gandhi? Russia.
  3. Who created Jihadism in India? The Gandhi dynasty.
  4. Who rewrote Indian history? The communists.
  5. Why there is corruption? Communist economic principles.

After capturing mainland China, the aggressive communists with support from Nehru captured Tibet and Xinjiang, thereby sharing borders with India.

Without active help of the the cruel Russian dictator Stalin there would been no Communism in China. How? lets understand:

The communist insurgency in China started immediately after Communist takeover of Russia(1917).

Russian agent Mikhail Borodin arrived in 1923 to aid in the reorganization and consolidation of both the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the KMT along the lines of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The CCP, initially a study group, and the KMT jointly formed the First United Front. However, after Sun (leader of KMT) died in 1925, the KMT split into left- and right-wing movements. KMT members worried that the Soviets were trying to destroy the KMT from inside using the CCP. The CCP then began movements in opposition of the Northern Expedition, passing a resolution against it at a party meeting.

Throughout this time Russia had a large impact on the Chinese Communist Party. They sent money and spies to support the Chinese Communist Party. Without their support, the communist party would have failed. This is evidenced by documents showing of other communist parties in China at the time, one with as many as 10,000 members, but which all failed without support from the Soviet Union.

The Chinese Civil war started between CCP and KMT. During WW II, both united to fight the Japanese. After WW II they resumed fighting each other.

After the WW II, Stalin supported CCP with arms, advisors and spies. It is also said that while capturing Xinjaing (which borders Galwan where 40 brave Indian solders sacrificed their lives last year), Russia provided CCP with aircrafts, spies and military advisors. During the Korean war (which resulted to creation of North Korea), Russia provided weapons to CCP to fight in Korea.

After the CCP victory, Chinese economy was in ruins. During this period, Russia helped China with financial assistance.

Yes, it is a different thing China betrayed Russia and disassociated itself with Russia and aligned itself with US in 1970s.

The Communist China we are seeing is a creation of Russia.

In nutshell, India’s biggest enemy is a Russian creation.

Not only that, in-spite of Russia harming India in worst possible manner, the media has been so captured by communists that Russia has been painted as the best friend of India.




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