Many Indians perceive the erstwhile USSR as one of India’s best friends. That’s mainly because USSR helped India in the 1971 Indo-Pak war which resulted the creation of Bangladesh there by nullifying Pakistani threat from eastern side of India. Concerted Pakistani attacks from both western and eastern side would have been difficult to handle for India.

Lets analyze and understand the role USSR and later Russia has played inside India.

  1. Created India’s biggest enemy, the Communist China: Propped up communists in China who eventually dethroned the democratic KMT government. Refer here.
  2. Pro-communist Nehru is made the PM: India gets freedom in 1947. Patel was all set to become the PM. But pro-communist and pro-Soviet and pro-Lenin Nehru became the PM in spite of losing the internal election inside Congress party. Many people have an impression that Nehru was installed by the British. But, the point to note here is that Nehru promoted Communist interests in India. British would have never installed a person who would promote rival interests in India. We all know the role Nehru played in propping up and strengthening China at the cost of Indian interests.
  3.  USSR supported China in 1962 war: When China invaded India in 1962, USSR justified Chinese invasion. It was the US headed by Kennedy who supported India.
  4. Untimely death of Shastriji: Lets not forget that Shastriji died under very mysterious circumstances in Tashkent (in erstwhile USSR).
  5. What happened after Shastriji’s death: After Shastriji’s death Indira Gandhi was made PM who worked for Soviet interests and followed a left economic, political and foreign policy. After Shastriji’s astounding victory in 1965 war, India must have made attempts to separate Bangladesh. Point to note here: USSR wanted to separate Bangladesh through Indira so that Indira becomes popular so that USSR can push its own agenda in India. With Indira so much leaning to left, it was natural US to be against her and US did the mistake of sending the seventh fleet during the Indo-Pak war.
  6. USSR captured India’s arms industry: After “USSR-India’s friendship pact” USSR literally captured India’s arms industry. And the communist trade unions propagating USSR’s interests ensured that Indian Arms industries (Ordinance Factory boards) remain crippled so that India always remains dependent on USSR for arms. It was only recently Modiji broke the OFB to 7 PSUs (thereby freeing the Indian defense manufacturing from the communists’ clutches). Read my article.
  7. What did Indira Gandhi do?: Indira Gandhi steered India with a communist +Jihadi direction. All sort of nationalizations were carried out. All India Muslim Personal Law board (AIMPLB) was established to jihadize the Indian Muslims.
  8. Indian History was made Anti-Hindu and pro Jihadi: With the establishment of ICHR by the staunch left leaning education minister, Nurul Hasan,  all history books started preaching anti-Hinduism and pro-Jihadism.
  9. Left and Jihadi forces got full patronage: After Indira became PM, the communist parties became more powerful in all policy matters. And it is an open fact that USSR patronized the left along with the Gandhis. And Gandhis + Communists patronized the Jihadi forces.
  10. Indira made attempts to destroy the democracy: During the emergency when all opposition leaders were in Jail,  the dreaded 39th and 42nd constitutional amendments were passed which would have destroyed Indian democracy. Luckily, Indira lost the 1977 elections and Morarji Desai came to power and reverted the 39th and 42nd constitutional amendments through  43rd and 44th constitutional amendments.
  11. Corruption became rampart:  Communism and corruption are synonymous. We see the Gandhis, starting from Nehru till Sonia, all are extremely corrupt. The corruption became a culture ingrained in to the Indian society.
  12. Penetrated Indian Media: In the world of foreign policy no country is other country’s friend. But Indian leftist media (controlled by USSR) successfully painted USSR as India’s friend so that it would be easy for USSR to propagate its own vested interests in India.

In nutshell, all the things Modiji or BJP or RSS has been fighting so far is the creation of USSR and Russia (under Putin) is following nearly the same policy.

To list them down:

  1. Communist China: Lets not forget that India’s biggest civilizational enemy (China) is a Russia creation. Refer here.
  2. Communist parties:  Communist parties are gift of USSR to India.
  3. Jihadization of History: This process was fathered by Nurul Hasan, a staunch left-leaning pro-Russian “intellectual”.
  4. Jihadism: It is a gift of Gandhis. Gandhis have been installed by Russia. Underworld is a by product of the Jihadism.
  5. Corruption: It is the Gandhi dynasty which has created the culture of corruption.
  6.  Anti-Hindu culture:  The communists (created/nurtured by the USSR) have been venomously anti-Hindu and have always demeaned Hindu civilization in the worst possible manner.
  7. Militant trade unions: All militant trade unions who have harmed Indian industry are communist. And communists have been planted by Russia in India.
  8. Nepotism: Had the Gandhi dynasty(planted by USSR) not been there, the other political dynasties would have been non-existent.

And today’s Russia under Putin though doesn’t officially endorse the Soviet Union, but in all his actions he is resembling the erstwhile Soviet Union.

I would hence leave it to the readers to decide if Russia or Soviet Union or USSR is a friendly nation to India or not.

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