Russia is no friend of India. I consider it the deadliest enemy of India (refer here), even deadlier than China and Pakistan.

Finland and Sweden have already applied for NATO membership and in maximum likelihood their applications will be approved.

What will happen if Russia is soundly beaten and whisked out of Ukraine?

  1. Ukraine will join NATO.
  2. The people of Belarus will kick out the Russian puppet dictator Aleksandr Lukashenko.
  3. Eventually Belarus will also join NATO.

With Finland, Sweden, Belarus and Ukraine joining NATO the encirclement of Russia by NATO will be complete.

With NATO encircling Russia, who will lose?

  1. Corrupt Putin’s Oligarchs.
  2. Jihadi forces.
  3. Oil Lobby

With NATO encircling Russia, Russian people are the ones who will benefit the most. How? Read here. Russia will also become a democratic country.

How will India benefit?

Please note the military comparison between India and China(Given at end of this article). China is way ahead of India militarily.

With Russian encirclement by NATO, the NATO countries like US, UK, Canada and France will divert their focus on China and Indo-Pacific. They will station more forces near Japan in the South China sea. This will force China to divert its forces away from Ladakh, Uttarakhand and Nepal etc. to eastern China region.

US president Joe Biden has made it clear that: he wants Europe to defend itself so that he can focus on belligerent China. We need to accept the fact that India is weaker than China and China is India’s existential threat.

BUT, if Russia manages even a slight victory in Ukraine, NATO forces need station their military resources in eastern Europe there by giving a free hand to China.

Hence, a humiliating Russian defeat is in India’s interest. And any Russian victory will be disastrous for India.

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