Please have a look at the following data.

  1. Overall: 70% of India’s military hardware is from Russia
  2. 96% of Indian tanks are from Russia. India’s most advanced tanks (T90) which are falling like sitting ducks in Ukraine are Russian made.
  3. 90% of Indian fighter planes are of Russian Origin.
  4. The main rocket systems in use in Army are Russian.
  5. When it comes to anti-tank systems, a significant portion is of Russian origin
  6. When it comes to air defense systems, a significant portion is Russian.
  7. The most common rifle seen in the hands of an Indian soldier is the AK-47, is a Russian product.
  8. The Navy uses the Kh-35 and P-20 anti-ship missiles, Klub anti-ship/land attack missiles and APR–3E torpedo are from Russia.
  9. The Navy also operates several surface ships which are of Russian origin, including the Rajput-class destroyers, Talwar-class frigates, and Veer-class missile corvettes.
  10. The lone active aircraft carrier which India is operating is from Russia.

Please note, India is dependent on Russia for the spare parts and service of the above military hardware. Due to such heavy dependence, Russia has power to keep India under its thumb as India needs to face 2 big enemies Pakistan and China.

This is the exact reason why the Indian media has painted Russia as India’s best friend and India is unable to criticize Russian atrocities in Ukraine (and also in Syria).

Please read my article which explains how Russia stifled Indian arms industry for its own benefits.

And unless India diversifies its arms procurement and/or becomes self-sufficient India cannot follow an Independent foreign policy.

This is one of the reasons why Russia is India’s deadliest enemy in disguise. Refer here.

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