Agriculture Bill is Notebandi part 2.

Just as the Notebandi destroyed black money, similarly the two heavyweights of Punjab and Maharashtra were ruined by this bill.

Sukhbir Badal of Punjab and Sharad Pawar of Maharashtra got engaged.

Sukhbir Agro of Sukhbir had an income of at least 5000 crores annually. He was the commission agent between the FCI and the farmers.

His company used to get 2.5% commission. All the warehouses belonged to him. No farmer could sell a tonne of wheat to the FCI without the tag of Sukhbir Agro.

All wasted in one stroke.

Sharad Pawar’s daughter Supriya Sule in Maharashtra used to show agricultural income of 10000 crores.

This family had control over the entire onion, chilli and grape trade.

This bill left Pawar nowhere.

Modi cuts the root, does not cut the branches.

The Akali Dal and the NCP will be seen begging in the next election.

Source – Unknown

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