The leftist + Jihadi media has painted Russia as the best friend of India. The leftist media argues that Russia sells its arms to India and not Pakistan. The truth is that, China which is the foremost and powerful enemy of India has been not only been created, but also armed by Russia. For e.g., Russia has already provided S-400 air defense systems to China already. The engines of Chinese fighter jets are supplied by Russia which are now being sold to Pakistan.

At one point, India purchased almost all its defense needs from foreign countries. And the procurement from Russia was as high as 85%. Though over the years it has reduced, but still as on today it stands as high as 65%.

And lets not forget the low quality of Russia goods. Every now and then media reports MIG21 crashing and our pilots getting killed. India’s tank regiment is made of Russian made T90s. And we see how T90s are falling like sitting ducks to US made Javelin missiles in Ukraine.

Lets understand how USSR and now Russia has been stifling the domestic manufacturing to ensure that India is always dependent on Russia for arms.

First, British had established the Board of Ordinance in 1775. Its job was to manufacture arms for the British. The same entity to transformed to Ordinance Factory Board (OFB) in 1979. The quality of the products of OFB was sub-par. For e.g. many a times during encounter with terrorists the INSAS rifles (manufactured at OFB factories) got Jammed. Any reforms in the OFB (attemped by both Congress and BJP Govts.) was stifled by the left leaning trade unions. There are many incidents of extreme violent activities by the left sponsored trade unions in the OFB factories. Who created and nurtured the left in India? USSR.

Hence, it is no surprise that the left sponsored trade unions protected the interests of their Russian masters by ensuring that OFB never made quality products. 

And finally Modiji dissolved the OFB and made 7 PSUs out of that in 2021. For details read here.

Second, After 1990s(when USSR collapsed and Russia became weak) India liberalized its economy. But the same did not happen to defense manufacturing. Defense manufacturing did not happen in India as successive Govts imposed many procedural bottlenecks. Due to that no entrepreneur could find it easy to start manufacturing defense goods. If other sectors were liberalized, why not defense? It must have been due to Russian influence, as Russia would lose the most if India become “atma-nirbhar” in defense procurement. It was not until Modiji who allowed FDI in to defense manufacturing, minimized all procedural bottlenecks due to which we are seeing many Indian companies supplying the Indian defense forces. The Govt is also creating a negative list of goods which cannot be imported and has to be manufactured in India. The list is growing bigger day by day. All these steps have helped (and will help) indigenous manufacturing, provide Indians jobs, Govt the taxes and save us from exploitation by foreign powers like Russia and more.

Hence, I am the view Russia is India’s deadliest enemy in disguise. And hence, India should support US, West and Ukraine for giving Russia a sound beating.

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