Garbage attracts Cockroaches

There is much speculation that Omar and her brother-ex husband are related.  There is a 99.999998 percent chance that they are SIBLINGS according to an analysis by the British company Endeavor DNA labs.

This was publicized on at one point when the site still existed.

Why then is this rabid congresswoman visiting the failed state of #Pakistan and posing with an ousted puppet #ImranKhan?  What is her grand design in an already suffering nation?

Her native country Somalia is on the brink of utter destruction thanks to the rampant corruption, killings, and backward practices promoted by you know who.  The civil wars have pretty much resulted in an absence of a true central government and even the so-called gora time pass organization – UN seems to have washed its hands off the godforsaken country.

As if the religious conflict and strife weren’t enough, Somalia has experienced the worst drought in decades and about three million people are internally displaced in the nation.

Omar seems to poke her nose in other nations’ businesses but her own backyard – figuratively and literally – is full of stinking garbage.

What human rights will she be lecturing on in Pakistan?  Will she be justifying that incest is best?  Will she be advocating the perks of female genital mutilation #FGM for young girls?  Will she be introducing strategies for voter fraud and DNA fraud?

One can only speculate what her aims are.  In the meanwhile, one thing is for certain – Im the Dim seems to be eager to drive her around.  Perhaps she will hook up with someone who is not her relative after all.

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