Let me break his wish in 3 pieces. He wants :

  • A women to become PM
  • A muslim women to become a PM
  • A muslim women to become a PM who will wear ‘hijab’

I am fine with first and second point. I will be happy if a muslim women becomes a Prime Minister of India.

However, it will be very unfortunate if she wears hijab, burqa or any sort of veil. No matter how much you want to fool yourself or others that a hijab, burqa or a veil is a choice, it is never a choice. The moment you put a women behind a cover, you declare yourself as coward. You have insecurities within your heart or you see women as an object, a sex object.

I personally like women who ask questions, tough questions. As a PM, I would expect her to bring equality :

  • Muslim women must be allowed to offer Namaz in Masjids. Hindu women must be allowed to enter all temples including Sabarimala.
  • Amendments must be made to religious books. Burqa, hijab or veil must not be declared mandatory. They must be kept optional. They must also be advocated for men. How can a man roam without scarf with 20 women around?
  • Special dustbins must be arranged in all parts of cities for those religious books which advocate that a husband has right to beat it’s wife.
  • If men are allowed to have 4 wives, women should also be allowed to have 4 husbands simultaneously.
  • If people feel that precious items must be kept under cover then husbands must also start wearing burqa. They are precious too.
  • If religious books mention that a man gets to meet beautiful ladies after death if he does good work for religion. Such incentives must be mentioned for women too. They must be offered some boys in heaven. Why should boys have all the fun, even after death?

If that’s the kind of brave women Owaisi wants as a PM of India then we must congratulate him. However what he wants is the more radicalised version of Rana Ayub as the PM of India who would be a plastic toy of her husband who would be beaten if she says no for sex when husband wants it. This wish can only be completed if we let Congress rule us for next 25 years.

Also, an important condition of the Owaisi’s PM candidate will be that she will not meet men. Once senior news reporter Rajdeep went to meet Owaisi at his home & wanted to thank his wife for the delicious food however Owaisi said that my wife isn’t allowed to meet men, only female reporters were allowed to meet his wife. Rajdeep said that in a video.

Owaisi has never advocated for any women in Muslim Personal Law Board. This is how the face of law board currently looks like :

May be there are no Muslim women in India who are talented enough to take those seats.

Though, I am apprehensive that the first people to oppose a Muslim female PM would be the conservative and fanatic Muslim clerics and several many other Muslim men themselves. Prior to that, people would be happy if they see a Muslim woman at least in the leadership of AIMIM.

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