Anti-Hindu Godless KS Bhagwan, a Kannadiga writer and so-called rationalist infamous for his derogatory writings and statements on Bhagwan Ram and Mahabharata has been smeared with black paint by a Bangalore based woman advocate, Meera Raghavan for abusing Hindu Gods.

Meera Raghavendra had filed a petition two months earlier against KS Bhagawan for hurting religious sentiments. He is reported to have again made derogatory statements against Hinduism at a press conference in Mysuru. The case against KS Bhagwan was being heard by the Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (ACMM) court. He attended court hearing where he was granted bail.

Meera smeared his face with black ink as he walked out of the court. Advocate Meera was heard admonishing KS Bhagawan, “Are you not ashamed to talk about God at this age (in this manner).” She went on to say, “I am ready for everything, even ready to get arrested.” Following the incident, KS Bhagawan along with his advocate has filed a complaint at the Halasuru gate police station. Meera also uploaded the video on Twitter which went viral.

KS Bhagawan is a perennial anti-Hindu ranter who has a penchant for hurting Hindu religious sentiments. In 2018, KS Bhagawan wrote a book, “Rama Mandira Eke Beda?” (Why there should be no Rama Mandir). In this book he wrote that Bhagwan Ram drank intoxicants and made Sita consume them. He also wrote Bhagwan Ram and Sita Mata consumed meat. He further wrote that Bhagwan Ram was a murderer and not Purushottam Ram as worshipped by Hindus.

These blasphemous and despicable writings caused a lot of uproar in Hindu society, criminal complaints were filed against him by several noted Hindu leaders like Jagdish Hebbar of Hindu Jagran Vedike, Karnataka BJP General Secretary and MLC leader, N Ravi Kumar, etc. There was a strong demand from the Hindu community and Hindu Jagran Vedike to ban his aforementioned book. The Public Library Book Selection Committee withdrew its recommendation to purchase this venomous book recently after a social media furor.

In 2015 also he was booked for insulting the Mahabharata and Ramayana and FIRs were filed under section 295-A for deliberately and maliciously outraging Hindu sentiments. Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s Girish Bharadwaj also filed criminal complaints against him for his malicious propaganda against Hinduism and Hindu Gods.

It is pertinent to note that the Congress Government in Karnataka under another anti-Hindu Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah awarded KS Bhagwan the ‘ Sahitya Academy Award’ perhaps for rewarding him for his ant-Hindu activities under the garb of “rationalism”.

Curiously, these so-called rationalists never bestow their rationalism towards Jesus, a son of virgin Mary nor Prophet Muhammad who is said have flown overnight from Mecca to Madina on a winged donkey. Neither does any KS Bhagwan or anyone of ilk ever write about Mohammads bloody jihadi massacres of Jews and other non-Muslims nor about his numerous wives and sex-slaves.

All of their crooked rationalism is reserved only to defame and denigrate Hinduism, perhaps to aide their Christian missionary friends to convert people to Hinduism and also propagate violent Naxalism by causing hatred among the various sections of Hinduism, by maliciously claiming Bhagwan Ram was anti-Dalits and only looked after the prosperity of Brahmins and Kshatriyas.

It is welcome that Hindus have started retaliating against these despicable termites within Hindu society by taking strong legal actions against them. The frustration and anger felt by Advocate Meera Raghavendra is understandable as these anti-Hindu activists are easily given bail by the Indian judiciary with lofty statements like people have a fundamental right of freedom of expression, which gives them the impetus to continue their despicable money spinning industry of disparaging Hinduism. The same judiciary gave Kamlesh Tiwari bail after full 1.5 to 2 years for his criticism of Mohammad and Islam. The judiciary’s conscience was also not disturbed when he was brutally murdered by jihadis in his own office for his statements on Mohammad and Islam.

Strange are the ways of secularists and so-called rationalists of India!


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