In my earlier post dedicated to Sushil Sir, I had mentioned that how he made me realize the scale of barbarism that Kashmiri Hindus had to face during their genocidal exodus in 1990. It made me feel that a number of men and women from the Kashmiri Hindu community may be active on Twitter who have their own ordeals to narrate. One fine day I came across the Twitter profile of Ms. Jyoti Kaul (@jytkoul). She had shared an article on how her family had to flee from their ancestral home in the valley and how the communal slogans blaring from locality mosque mikes haunted her till date. I got emotional while reading her article, especially at the mention of her aging grandmother who craved to go back to their residence which they were a part of since years (or should I say ages?).

While further interacting with Jyoti Ma’am, I came to know about the Sharada script which is a language writing system for Kashmiri language’s written communication. I was delighted to see how Jyoti Ma’am translated my name’s sentence in Devanagari to Sharada script with the help of Aprantsharada android app from play store. Right from her Twitter profile’s header picture to some pictorial posts, the richness and value of this script is highlighted. Jyoti Ma’am makes many of us realize that we need to preserve, utilize and promote our indigenous (read ethnically Indian) dialects and their scripts.

Following Jyoti Ma’am’s profile is surely an enlightening and learning experience for me. Her tweets have always been informative with regards to the Kashmiri Hindu culture cause in terms of dialect/script, cuisine and history. More power to her.

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